<マルニ>「PINK POP MARKET」 3/23(金)の販売について


<マルニ>「PINK POP MARKET」 3月23日(金)の販売について 



※アイカード・MICARD・三越M CARD会員(仮カードは除く)のお客さまと、カード会員以外のお客さまで抽選を分けさせていただきます。




Regarding the sale of <Marni> 「MARNI PINK POP MARKET」 on Mar 23 (Fri) 
■1F Main Building=The Stage

For customers who wish to participate the sale on Mar 23 (Fri), please apply to the digital ticket service 「PassMarket」 for the entrance lottery from 10:30 on Mar 14 (Wed) ~noon on Mar 17 (Sat).

PassMarket Event Page (Link to external site)

※Separate lottery will be held for customers with I Card・MICARD・Mitsukoshi M CARD (excluding temporary card) and non-card holders.

【List of requests regarding entrance】
・Entry time will be notified via e-mail after lottery at the pass market.
・Customers who enter the preliminary lottery must have ID (driver's license, passport, insurance card, Resident Register card with photo, alien registration card etc.) and smartphone on the day.
・Please come to the designated place at the specified time. If you are late, your entrance will not be permitted for any reason.
・The entrance ticket will be in a form displayed on the customer's smartphone and will be confirmed by the staff on the day. Please display the admission ticket before lining up. In addition, screen shot will be invalidate.
・After confirming the name at the time of application and the name of the ID are the same, entrance will be permitted. Those who do not have ID will not be allow to enter.
・Customers who did not participate in the lottery can be allowed entrance in the order they come after those who did participate in the lottery. Please confirm the details with the staff on the day.

【List of requests regarding shopping】
・Entrance・purchase is only limited to the said person who participated in the lottery. In addition, lending or borrowing smartphone is not permitted. If discovered to be the case, both side will not be able to make a purchase.
・Purchase of picnic bag on Mar 23 (Fri) will be limited to 1 type, 1 color, 1 size for a total of 2 items for one customer.
・Holding items are not accepted.
・Order by phone ・ COD are not accepted.
・As the items are limited in quantity, the items may be sold out quickly.
※For details, please inquire with the staff on the day.

Isetan Shinjuku will be open from 10:30am to 8pm.