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Remodeled Jewelry Section Now Open!


The jewelry section on the fourth floor of the Isetan Shinjuku Store has now reopened with new brands, products and services - all within a remodeled space about 1.5 times larger than before. In addition to a wide range of ready-made items among both brand icons and specialist shops, we have also added new services, such as creating or helping customers find one-of-a-kind pieces, to enable more customers to enjoy the jewelry shopping experience.


■Seven New Brands and New Services Galore

Seven brands have made their Isetan Shinjuku debut, including Wellendorff, Repossi, H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX - a select shop carrying an assortment of Europe's leading creators, Robinson Pelham - a brand launched in London that incorporates the talent and experience of its three female co-founders, Gold Salon SGC - a specialist in purchasing precious metals, Jewelry Repair & Reform Ajour - which creates new jewelry pieces from start to finish, and Isetan Loose Stone Selection - which handles loose gemstones.

Founded in Germany in 1893, this brand is known for its rings imbued with hand-crafted enamelwork and iconic intricate silk Kordell necklaces.

Established in Italy in 1920, this haute couture jeweler is the official jeweler of Monaco's royal family. The Isetan Shinjuku Store is home to the company's first boutique shop in Japan.

044_04.jpgA select shop for designer brands in Japan and overseas, such as H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX and Robinson Pelham.

044_05.jpg〈Jewelry Repair & Reform Ajour〉
Bring in your jewelry and the dedicated staff here can repair, alter, or even recreate the same piece from start to finish.

044_06.jpg〈Isetan Loose Stone Selection〉
At this loose stone section, pick out a loose gemstone, select a design, and have your very own custom piece of jewelry made. Upon request, we can also assist you in finding the perfect gemstone.

■Remodeled Brand Shops

Jewelry stores ranging from high-fashion and well-known brand icons to specialist shops such as Chanel, Chaumet, Tasaki, Chopard, Damiani and Pomellato have been remodeled and are now open to enjoy.





■Wedding Ring Attendant

Our experienced, expert staff will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing a wedding ring. We will support you every step of the way in finding the ring that is right for you, paying special attention to any concerns and requests you may have.

044_09 .jpg

■Jewelry Attendant Service

We offer an attendant service with dedicated staff who can provide support on any matter concerning jewelry. If you are finding it hard to make a decision, whether purchasing jewelry as a gift or for yourself, our staff will be happy to work with your budget and preferences to find the perfect piece. Our staff can also accompany you on visits to boutique shops that men may be uncomfortable to enter by themselves.

044_10.jpg■Treasure Hunt

This is a new service in which knowledgeable Shinjuku Store jewelry and fashion specialists will travel around the world to fulfill customers' jewelry dreams and desires. The service can support a variety of requests including searching for diamonds in rare colors and large carat sizes, choosing exquisite pieces of jewelry at the luxury brand's main store, and finding jewelry with a unique design that no one else has.

044_11.jpg■Digital Catalog

Check out all the fabulous jewelry available in store!

■Brand Directory and Map

Click here to see the full line-up


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