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Guard Yourself Against UV with Stylish Headwear Curated by Isetan Shinjuku


040_01.jpgSpring is well and truly with us here in Tokyo, and with the temperature rising daily and clear blue skies on the horizon it can only mean that summer isn't far away!

Apart from staying cool in the sultry heat, the number one priority for many women is to protect your skin from the ageing effects of UV rays and ensure you keep your skin pristine and avoid sun damage.

Beyond practicality, your sun hat is an important part of your fashion armory, so join us as we tour the 1F Women's Accessories section and see what is in style this spring through summer season.

Collapsible for Convenience!

040_02.jpgJapanese hat brand Ishidaseibou is on hand with this classic design in raffia palm fiber finished with an elegant bow. The material is not only cool in the heat, but collapsible, meaning you can easily pop it in your bag on your travels.

Wide-brimmed Hats with a Feminine Twist

040_03.jpgWhat might ordinarily be a slightly masculine design is given a feminine edge by Chisaki. It might look structured, but this too is collapsible and comes with its own carry bag!

Natural Weave for Wonderful Ventilation

040_04.jpgThis design from Japanese brand Modiste is also in raffia, and the natural weave is balanced out with intricate lace and bow to ensure your looks stay city chic.

On-Trend Designs While Cutting Down on UV

040_05.jpgCurrent trends are all about film set perfect broad-brimmed sun hats, and this design from 1st Edition is just that, and can also boast that it cuts down on over 98% of UV rays!

Casual Designs to Complete Your Summer Hat Wardrobe

040_06.jpgIf you want an alternative design as a back-up to your go to main, then consider this casual option from artisanal hat maker Kijima Takayuki

For Variety, Look to Athena New York

040_07.jpgFor cutting down on UV and style then Athena New York is a great go-to brand with plenty of styling options from feminine ribbons as above to elegant appliqué lace as seen below.

040_08.jpgFor all your sun hat and headwear needs join us in store where are team of stylists is on hand to make sure you find the perfect design just for you.

Where? Isetan Shinjuku Main Building, 1F Women's Accessories

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