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Tax Free Shopping Has Never Been Easier!


033_01.jpgNeedless to say, tax free shopping is one of the most popular services with our international guests here at Isetan Shinjuku!

Just head to the Tax Free Counter with the three pieces of documentation shown above (passport, receipt, and credit card) which must all be in your own name, as well as your shopping purchased that day to complete the procedure.

Shop Japan for Less!

The tax rebate is available on almost every item purchased in store so make sure you take advantage of this fantastic service as you shop everything the Isetan experience has to offer.

After you have finished your shopping, the 6th floor and B2F Tax Free Counters in the Main Building are your next destination. There you will also find a range of tourist information and foreign language materials to make the most of your time in Tokyo, and Japan as a whole. You can complete the tax free procedure at any time, so feel free to finish all your shopping before you head on over to the counter. With that said, you can only apply for tax free shopping on the same day you made your purchases, so make sure you don't forget!


6 floor map


B2 floor map

To complete the process be sure to ask for tax free shopping in the department where you make your original purchase, with that receipt (or receipts) in hand you will need to show your purchase, receipt, your own passport, and your credit card if you used it as a payment method (all the documentation must be in the same name). In addition for the tech-savvy, if you are using digital payment methods, you will need to be able to produce the smartphone you used to process the payment.

The Omotenashi Experience

Our multilingual staff are on hand to make everything as smooth as possible and you won't have to do fill in any paperwork yourself apart from signing the finished forms. Then you will receive your rebate minus a small processing fee.

Finally, when you leave Japan you will just need to present your passport at customs at your port of departure and follow any guidance at that juncture.

If that sounds a little complicated, don't worry, our staff in store will guide you through the flow as well as advise you if there are any special considerations you might need to make.

Terms and Conditions

Tax Free services are available for all non-residents of Japan (including Japanese nationals) and you will need to be scheduled to depart from Japan within 30 days of making your purchase. Finally, please be advised that tax free services are only available on non-consumable products totaling 5,000 yen and over (not including tax), and you can only claim tax free services on purchases of consumable items totaling 5,000 yen (not including tax) and up to 500,000 yen (not including tax).

Depending on your country of origin there may be exceptions not detailed here, so be sure to check out the following link or inquire in store.

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