Craft Your Perfect Christmas at Isetan Shinjuku



No matter where you look in Tokyo, you'll see people who can't wait for Christmas getting festive for the gift-giving season! So, while it may be somewhat premature, allow us--across every single floor at Isetan Shinjuku--to wish you all the best for Christmas 2018!

031_02.jpgThis year, our theme is a Nostalgic Merry and Delightful Future Christmas, so watch out for a smattering of retro-futuristic references hidden among the traditional imagery. From Santa's flying machine to robotic Christmas trees, there is sure to be something to bring a smile to your face.


Likewise, we urge you to celebrate Christmas your way with our extensive gift guide that spans everything from classics, such as fashion, food, and fine fragrances, all the way to gifts that are sure to surprise! Allow us to present you with our selection for those looking to really stamp their mark on the season and give something that could only come from you.

Gifts as Unique as the Recipient


Firstly, whatever you choose for that special someone, make your wrapping stand out with Christmas gift boxes courtesy of Box & Needle on the sixth floor. The brand has curated a staggering range of boxes in various sizes, shapes, and designs to ensure that your gift looks fabulous no matter your wrapping skills. You can even have your gift wrapped on the spot in a choice of paper from around the world.

Christmas Kimono!


Traditional Japanese dress has something of a summer image thanks to the popularity of the yukata. But, needless to say, a kimono can be worn all year round--and is nice and toasty, too! For those wanting to gift a kimono or spice up one of their own, it might come as a surprise that there are actually festive designs. Especially popular are the obi belts that turn up in snowflake- and even reindeer-inspired designs that are perfect for a Christmas party. Find your favorite at the seventh-floor Gofuku Section.

Decorate to Your Heart's Desire


Finally, head down to the fifth-floor Living Section where you will find decorations for the entire home! From fully fledged Christmas trees to smaller objects, such as candles and ornaments, these are gifts that keep on giving and make for adorable photos to boot.

Christmas Campaign

Isetan Shinjuku Main Store and Men's Building, Every Floor


Until December 25th, 2018

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