Autumnal Obento Exclusively for the Season!



While holiday festivities are on the horizon, don't be quick to rush through autumn. There is still so much left to enjoy as the turning of the leaves--a seasonal mirror of spring's cherry blossoms--gradually sweeps across the Japanese archipelago to Tokyo. The luscious leaves that dance in shades of yellow and deepest red are yours to enjoy, and what better way to do so than with a delicious Japanese obento lunchbox!


Today, we present our selection--in carefully chosen colors and ingredients--to match this vibrant time of year, as well as Japanese seasonal sweets for after. Pick your favorite and then head outside, where--in the company of the beautiful leaves--you can enjoy the sights and aromatic flavors of autumn in the many parks that dot Shinjuku.

Limited Edition Obento


For a real taste of autumn, choose a starter of rice steamed with meat or vegetables. This results in a slightly darker shade to match the color of the leaves and ensures that the rich rustic flavors fill the rice. You can enjoy a two-layered lunchbox from Nagoya-based Matsuoka that features a layer of seasonal vegetables and meats on top of Japanese maitake mushroom steamed rice for just ¥1,080.


For a seasonal tasting menu, make it a lunchbox from historic Kyoto restaurant Shimogamosaryo. For ¥1,998, the obento features aigamo-duck-cultured rice simmered with a range of ingredients, paired with a matcha green-tea dessert.

Snacks and Sweets


For something smaller, there are a whole host of onigiri (rice balls), skewered snacks, and steamed dumplings--all great for stimulating your senses as you take in the leaves.


Finally, for photogenic sweets that look just as good as they taste, drop by Kyoto kyogashi confectioners Tsuruya-Yoshinobu. With a history spanning more than 200 years, their sweets are a must-try and their stunningly intricate autumn-themed creations are not to be missed!

Everything pictured is only available until the end of November, so don't delay!

Exclusive Autumn Obento and Sweets

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B1F, Food Hall


Until Autumn 30th, 2018

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