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Find the Perfect Way to Give the Gift of Isetan



Here at Isetan Shinjuku we hope that your Isetan experience is one that you will treasure, and one that you will want to share with all your friends and family. Especially if you are visiting Isetan in Tokyo, it can be hard to choose just one gift from the huge selection in store that encapsulates Isetan. Allow us to present our recommendations for Isetan souvenirs that you won't find anywhere else.

019_02.jpgWhether you are walking the streets of Shinjuku or the halls of the store, you can't miss our instantly recognisable tartan shopping bags that have been such a hit since they were first introduced in the 1960s. Our variation on the MacMillan/Isetan is even registered in The Scottish Register of Tartans. There is no better way to let the lucky recipient of a gift know that you have been to Isetan than a gift wrapped in our iconic tartan wrapping paper.


Better still, we have a range of exclusive items from popular brands that make the perfect Isetan souvenir. From sweets to tea to snacks and everything in between, you are sure to find something to suit all tastes.


For pastries, Patisserie KIHACHI is on hand with a MacMillan tartan wrapped box packed with 22 tasty treats suitable for a workplace or large family.


For tea, NAVARASA's Darjeeling Blend Royal tea bags come in a elegant tartan box. Even each bag is decked out in Isetan's colours.


Finally, for a gift that offers a quintessential taste of Tokyo with an Isetan taste, why not go for a Tokyo Hiyoko box? The adorable chick-shaped sweets are packaged in an exclusive pentagon-shaped tartan box that will make the recipient feel truly special.


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