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Experience the highly-functional electric bicycle made in Japan using the bicycle rental service at Isetan Sports Gate.


Get on the super stylish and highly-functional "epovelo" and stroll around Shinjuku with ease.

Park City Isetan: 52nd Floor Isetan Sports Gate

Bicycle rental services are popular for tourists as a way to comfortably go around tourist spots at your own pace. Although there aren't many places in Tokyo where you can rent a bicycle, "Isetan Sports Gate" is offering an electric bicycle rental service. (Limited to three bicycles)


The electric bicycle you can borrow from Isetan Sports Gate is the made-in-Japan beauty, "epovelo." This innovative made-in-Japan bicycle was inspired by a vision to create a "free-spirited and stylish bicycle," the artisans and designers worked together to create a handcrafted and fashionable electric bicycle.


The frame and major parts are all domestically produced. It is also equipped with SHIMANO's transmission gears to realize safety and durability of the highest quality, in addition to an original design that is highly fashionable. The 6.5kg "epovelo" realized almost half the weight of conventional electric bicycles. It is equipped with a powerful traveling performance and is more than enough for everyday cycling. The bicycle is made for adults, as the 20-inch wheel size is small. Please note that it cannot be folded and carried around as it is not a foldable bicycle.


The circular battery box adds a stylish touch to the electric bicycle. This classy bicycle offers the ultimate comfort and luxurious suitable for adults.

Now let me show you how to rent "epovelo" at Isetan Sports Gate. First, fill in your information, including your name, date of birth, address of your hotel at the service counter at Isetan Sports Gate. Then, show your ID such as your passport. Finish paying all of the rental fees, and you're ready for a ride with "epovelo." Get on the elevator for rental services and go outside.


Knowing that it was such an expensive bike, I was at first quite nervous. I got on "epovelo" and slowly started to pedal. I instantly noticed the quick pickup that was completely different from other electric bicycles. It was as though someone was giving a sturdy and helpful push from the back. Slightly panicking at how speedy I was riding, I quickly set the power to "Low."

I continued to cycle around the town of Shinjuku to get a better feel of "epovelo." I decided to cycle towards Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine in Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward. I rode my bicycle from Isetan Sports Gate along Meiji Street Ave towards Shibuya for about 10 minutes. I arrived near the north entrance of Kita-sando Station of the Namboku Line of Tokyo Metro.


This area that includes Sendagaya and Kita-sando is called "Dagayasando" where you can find fashionable stores popular among young people. Feeling a little thirsty, I stopped by a cute tea stand.


I found out that the store was a tea specialty store called "Tea Stand...7." I couldn't help but be intrigued by the super-cute, milky pink design of the store. I decided to order the popular "pop tea parfait" and "royal milk tea float." Both have great reviews online and have been featured in magazines.


The gentle, sweet taste of the royal milk tea soft cream was dreamy. The fragrant aroma of the tea was perfect for my tired body from cycling in the hot summer heat. After having a relaxing time on the bench outside the tea store, I decided to get on the road again. Although the area continues to be a gentle slope, it was quite easy to ride around with the help of "epovelo." I arrived at "Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine" in no time.


"Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine" is packed with places you can learn about traditional Japanese culture, such as "Shogido" that enshrines a huge piece of Shogi piece given by the Japan Shogi Association, "Fujizuka" where you can worship Mt. Fuji, and the "Shrine" where you can purchase an oracle in the shape of a pigeon.



This small written oracle in the shape of a pigeon is popular on social media for being
"too cute." Omikuji like this one is a written oricle you pick to see your luck, offered at shrines and temples. Purchase an omikuji, read the luck on it, and give it to the shrine. This is a traditional Japanese, religious practice that has been practiced for ages. Today's luck on the omikuji was "chukichi." It's a middle-sized good luck.



There is also a Fuji mound called "Fujizuka" and a Noh theater at the shrine. You can feel the slow passage of time at this shrine rich in greenery as you experience Japanese culture.

It's time to go back to Isetan Sports Gate. I decided to stop by the JR Sendagaya Station, which is another station close to Isetan Sports Gate and go back to Meiji Dori Ave. The luxury of being able to stroll around the town with ease was refreshing. Please come and try the innovative bicycle riding experience by getting on "epovelo."

Rental service information of the electric bicycle "epovelo"
・ Rental rate (for a day): \2,000 (tax excluded)
・ Rental time: 10: 30-19: 30
・ Rental/return place: Park City Isetan 52th Floor Isetan Sports Gate
※ The maximum rental period is a week.
※ With prior reservation, it can be shipped to your travel destination.
※ Shipping fee, insurance fee, and a deposit (will be refunded upon return) will be required separately.
※ Payments are only available in cash.

Sales information of "epovelo"
・ Sales prince: \408,000 (tax included)
・ Occupant size: Height 150cm-185cm
・ You can choose the frame color from 200 color samples.
・ It can travel for about 20km-25km with a fully-charged battery.
・ Please remove the battery and charge it with 100V for household use. It takes about 2 hours to charge fully.
※ Please be sure to frequently check the air pressure in the tires. A Presta valve bicycle pump is required.
※ Any troubles of the assisting function and frame will be handled by the maker. There are cases that can be handled by an agency.
※ There is no handling instruction manual in foreign languages.

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