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The relaxing space "SOLSO HOME Shinjuku" inside the department store is the interior green shop full of gardening tools.


Attention to the gardening tool filled with craftsmanship!

Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 5th Floor Living Decor "SOLSO HOME Shinjuku".

At the Isetan Shinjuku Store, the Global Green Campaign will be held from May 15th (Mon) to 30th (Tue) in 2017. The campaign concept is "to understand the pleasant relationship between people and nature". By concentrating consciousness on something (mindfulness), we will satisfy the five senses and extend our sense to "awareness". The main building's 5th floor living decor "SOLSO HOME Shinjuku" is a healing space surrounded by greenery although it is in the department store.


In addition to plenty of greens such as foliage plants, moss balls, air plants, gardening tools, bowls and the like are carefully selected. Among them, scoops and leaf cutting scissors, sticking to the handicrafts of craftsmen, are gems which can also be called culmination of Japanese skills.


A standard model shovel that pursues workability and portability, pretending to be colorful in the earth.


From the top, Hidehisa's leaf cutters. Also Kisuke's leaf cutting scissors with 4 sized blades. Leaf cutting scissors are characterized by a long sharpness due to all-forging. It is a mirror finishing with good bite. For easiness of adjustment, attach a nut with locking prevention to the center. It is excellent in maintainability. Also, items that can do watering automatically are all set, and only things that shake the hearts of gardening fans.


I also tried walking casually inside the store and found a dish. "PLANT YOUR PENCIL". You can keep using it as an usual pencil and once it gets shorter, put it in the ground. The plants printed on the pencil have superior quality of germinating.


Not only various tools, but the green is also in abundance. Dynamic potted plant by potter Kazunori Hamana.


Various sizes and types of air plants.


A moss ball looking like a planet floating in space.


There is a place "SOLSOHOME Shinjuku" where you can meet the moment of heart healing, surrounded by green while you are in a department store.


While traveling, you may not be able to buy plants, but would you like to try to feel the atmosphere of Japan, with a gardening tool full of craftsmen's attention?


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