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Choose clothes for spring/summer at a fashionable environment moms can relax and enjoy shopping


Isetan Shinjuku Store's floor for baby & kids' wear-goods is where world-class luxury brands and high-quality Japanese brands gather.

6F Kids' Goods Floor

Spring is approaching. Let's seize the opportunity when you visit Japan to update your children's wardrobe for spring. Children's clothing brands from around the world and Japan have gathered to this floor. You will see many kinds of brands, from world-renowned luxury brands to children clothing brands that represent Japan, and even high fashion brands for children from Japan.


"Spring." In Japan, this season has a special meaning. It is a season when cherry blossoms bloom beautifully from the end of March to April, as well as when ceremonies such as Entrance and Graduation Ceremonies are held. At the Isetan Shinjuku Store, we introduce cute children's clothes with the theme, "spring" that is based on Japanese culture. The floor displays cute clothes using spring and summer-like colors. Its fashionable design can compete with adult clothes. When you visit Isetan Shinjuku, mothers will also find their fashion taste being refined. The latest displays will give you new inspirations for your child's fashion.


Another irreplaceable theme for "spring" is "ceremony clothes." Ceremony clothes is a must for important events in your child's life. At the 6th floor of the Isetan Shinjuku Store during this season, you will often see children choosing ceremony clothes with their grandparents. It is heartwarming to see the three generations choosing ceremony clothes together. My recommendation for a stylish style for a ceremony is ARCH & LINE TOKYO. A set with a bow tie transforms the child into a little gentleman attending a ball.

It changes into comfortable clothing if you take off the bow tie. It is a perfect item that is formal and yet comfortable enough for a boy who is mischievous and active.


Ceremony clothes children wear for their important event in life creates a memory of a lifetime. You want to choose something that is elegant and is well-made. Other than ceremony clothing for events in spring, you also wouldn't want to miss new releases from brands born in Japan. Check out the following children clothing brands that represent Japan: "miki House," "familiar," and "Hysteric Mini," etc. Local brands that have been recently been gaining popularity are also a must-see. On the 6th floor of the Isetan Shinjuku Store, there is a Select Zone which is not confined to a single brand. It offers its best fashion coordination, while featuring hot brands in Japan and overseas.



Brands such as "Gelato _pique" which is becoming a standard for gifts such as baby gifts in Japan, "PCI from the Tokyo," and "ARCH & LINE" are gathered here. Among them, Isetan Mitsukoshi's original brand, "Ready for the Weekend" is a brand you need to check out. There might be many people who hear the brand name for the first time, but it is a brand that is gaining popularity in Japan. It is highly fashionable and has many fans who want to enjoy everyday fashion. Kids fashion of "Ready for the Weekend" is inspired by the image of a girl who is a grown-up-wanna-be, who goes out dressed in fashionable clothing on a sunny weekend and has a great time. It is well-received by people who value living a lifestyle that reflects themselves. The clothing is known for being functional and comfortable. Kids fashion for spring/summer 2017 features "Sports Feminine," which is one of the theme. It is characterized by incorporating feminine touches while still being sporty.



The joy of being able to wear the same brand's clothes with your mother. Even if it is not the exact same design, it allows the mother and the child to express the same world view, and express their personality. This brand allows you to feel the bonding between a parent and child through clothing.



You can't skip "Hysteric Mini" when talking about children clothing brands that represent Japan. It is a brand gaining a lot of attention even among the many brands on the kids floor at Isetan Shinjuku Store. It is beloved by people around the world with its vivid colors, iconic character, and unique taste that people will know at first glance it's an item from Hysteric Mini.


The recommended items of spring/summer 2017 of "Hysteric Mini" is a T-shirt with a panda and an embroidered denim jacket.



Shopping with your child. After you look around, it's time to refresh yourself with fresh fruit juice. This juice bar for children, "Happy Home Kitchen," serves completely additive-free juice with rich flavors using "Dream Sugar" called rare sugar as a sweetener. You don't need to worry about the ingredients being used as the menu lists ingredients that could cause allergies.



Isetan Shinjuku Store's floor for baby & kids' wear-goods is where world-class luxury brands and high-quality Japanese brands gather, and a stylish environment where mothers can relax and enjoy shopping. Please try visiting the floor and enjoy choosing clothes for spring and summer you want to add to your child's wardrobe.

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