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Become more beautiful and enjoy a relaxing time with a head spa.


The women's only salon, "Beauty Apothecary Spa by uka", a collaborative effort between "Beauty Apothecary", the beauty specialist floor where you can find a series of natural cosmetics, and uka.

Second basement level of the main building "Beauty Apothecary Spa" by uka

"Beauty Apothecary", located on the second basement level of the main building, totally supports all women who want to pursue beauty. Here you will find a wide range of natural cosmetics, supplements, items that will beautify you from both inside and outside. The floor also has cafes, delis, aroma supplies, salons, and even a reading section.


"Beauty Apothecary Spa by uka" is a women's only salon where you can experience treatment using natural cosmetics sold in the Beauty Apothecary floor. You can select from a variety of menus like head spas, beauty treatments, and hand or foot care.


The head spa treatment, which you can get your hair and scalp washed while relaxing is popular. Especially, "herbal spa" treatment that uses uka's original cosmetics depending on your scalp type is worth trying.


First the condition of the scalp is checked, and a counseling session takes place.


The dimly lit spa room is divided by curtains, providing a relaxing atmosphere. First the scalp is thoroughly cleansed, and the sebum is removed from the pores of your hair.


The cleanly washed scalp is surely covered in plant extracts to improve the circulation of blood of your scalp and moisturizer cream.


In addition to the head, the fatigable neck, shoulders, and décolleté are treated with oil to remove any strains. With strong finger pressure in the precise and careful treatment, you can enjoy relaxing time without feeling any pain. The treatment and the atmosphere are so comfortable that maybe you'll end up falling asleep.


After that, shampoo and treatment are applied to the hair. The uka original shampoo, which is used natural ingredients, emits an aroma of herbs such as rosemary and citrus as it foams.


Finally, your body is loosened up from the shoulders down to the arms and fingertip. Then, the "herbal spa" treatment is completed.


After the session, enjoy a cup of flavorful herbal tea, an original "ukafe" blend from the uka café.


You will also receive explanations on how to care with the after counseling sheet, and you can purchase natural cosmetics used here so that you can do the self care at home.


After your hair is blow dried, it will feel thick and shiny, giving you the sensation that your head is lighter than before.


"Beauty Apothecary Spa by uka" is generally reservation based, but if there are open slots available you can make appointments on-site. Experience truly Japanese-style precise and careful treatment with natural cosmetics. It is a space where you can take a break from shopping, brushing up your beauty and relaxing.

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