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Fika: Limited edition sweets that you can only purchase here


Enjoy a relaxing café time with Fika's cookies, which come in colorful and unique boxes featuring Scandinavian designs.

First floor of the basement of the main building


Find anything from cakes filled with fruits, chocolates created by the world's top chocolatiers, and even traditional Japanese sweets. Did you know that there are certain sweets that you can only find at the first floor of the basement of Shinjuku Isetan?


Known for their colorful and unique box packaging designs, Fika is a Scandinavian sweets brand established by Shinjuku Isetan that offers traditional Scandinavian cookies and other pastries. Recently, Scandinavian designs have been attracting a lot of attention with their cute and stylish accessories and interior furniture.


The word "Fika" means "Coffee break" in Swedish, and refers to a Swedish tradition of taking a relaxing break with friends and family members while enjoying coffee together. At Shinjuku Isetan's Fika, you will find a wide range of Scandinavian sweets that will enhance your café time.


The most popular item is the round-shaped "Hallongrottor", which means "Raspberry cave" in Swedish. The middle of the cookie dough, which is made with plenty of butter, is filled with sweet apricot jam. You can also enjoy the "Hallongrottor Strawberry", which is filled with strawberry jam.


These rectangular cookies, another traditional Swedish pastry, are called "Finska pinnar". Made with almond powder, the cookies emit a sweet and refreshing aroma. The cookies have a light and crispy texture.


"Pepparkakors" are a Swedish spice cookie, made with cinnamon and ginger. "Peppar" means "Pepper" in Swedish, and the name derived from the use of actual pepper when the cookies were made in the past. They feature a crunchy texture and are just slightly sweetened.


Enjoy "fika" with delicious cookies, surrounded by your coworkers, friends, and family members. It is a wonderful tradition to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.


In addition to the actual sweets, Shinjuku Isetan's Fika is also very particular about their box packaging. The cute and vibrant patterns created by Scandinavian designers make for perfect gifts. Compact in size, they are also built to last, so you can use them as an accessory case even after you're done eating the sweets.


The package designs change each season. During Easter, the packages feature an egg pattern, designed by Wendy Kendall. The appreciation and care poured not only into the sweets but also the packaging may be a trait distinct to Japanese culture.


Shinjuku Isetan is the only place where you can purchase Fika's Scandinavian sweets. Enjoy both the sweets and the cute packaging boxes, which are ideal for gifts.

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