Salon du Chocolat, the festival of chocolate!


A festival of chocolate from Paris! Salon du Chocolat will host chefs from all over the world.


Why not pamper yourself with chocolates that are beautiful like little treasures? Salon du Chocolat 2016 features a wide variety of chocolates crafted by world-renowned chocolatiers.


Salon du Chocolat is a chocolate festival originating in Paris. 2016 will be the 14th time the festival is held in Japan. It will be held in the Shinjuku NS Building from Wednesday, January 27 to Sunday, January 31st. In addition to purchasing brand chocolates carefully selected by Isetan buyers, visitors will be able to enjoy objets d'art made from chocolate and watch talk show events featuring chocolatiers.


Visitors may also enjoy sweets created from chocolate that can only be found at this event, in the Isetan Dining Space.


We particularly recommend these three treats. On the left is "Exquis Momo" by <Jean-Paul Hévin>, which features delicious vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate sauce. On the far right is "TAKOYAKI Shock Chocolat" by <Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris>, which was created in the likeness of the popular Japanese festival food, takoyaki. In the middle is "Premium Chocolate Shaved Ice" by <ICE MONSTER>, a very popular Taiwan-style shaved ice shop on Omotesando that opened in spring 2015. The soft ice is lightly shaved from a block of milk chocolate ice, and topped with ingredients such as salted vanilla ice cream or truffles that are only available at Salon Du Chocolat.


Many chocolatiers will gather from all over the world, but we would like to draw your attention to two Japanese chocolatiers in particular: Hironobu Tsujiguchi and Susumu Koyama. Both of these chocolatiers will be exhibiting one piece each, both of which received the highest ranking in 2015 by the "Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat," a French club for chocolate connoisseurs.


<LE CHOCOLAT DE H> is a brand of Hironobu Tsujiguchi. His award-winning product is "C.C.C. SAMURAI Chocolat," which includes four chocolates made from Japanese ingredients, such as green tea, roasted green tea, and plums.


<Pâtissier es koyama> is a brand of Susumu Koyama, who has won several awards and is known as the "alchemist of taste." His "SUSUMU KOYAMA'S CHOCOLOGY 2015" includes four chocolates that combine cacao from different regions with ingredients that really bring out the characteristics of said cacao (such as citrus tamurana and various herbs), suggesting that all of these ingredients were truly meant to be together.


<TAICHIRO MORINAGA> is the brand of a Japanese confection company which is well-known for such products as "Hi-CROWN."


"Carré de chocolat Specialite <Raspberry>" is a truly exquisite chocolate created through Japanese technology that just melts in the mouth. The concentrated juice ganache is covered in an unbelievably thin 0.7 mm coating of chocolate.


Salon du Chocolat 2016 will feature around 100 brands of chocolate. If you want to sample a little bit of everything, we recommend this popular "Selection Box" which includes one chocolate from each brand. We invite you to get lost in the sweet temptation of chocolate, at the Salon du Chocolat chocolate festival.

Please check Isetan's website for information about the venue and details regarding the event.

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