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The jewelry and watches section on the fourth floor of Isetan Shinjuku's Main Building offers carefully selected, luxury-brand products from around the world.


These include everything from Japanese brands such as Grand Seiko and Credor to international brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Patek Philippe.



The fourth floor of the Main Building also has a watch service counter offering battery replacement, band replacement and repairs. These services are available even for watches purchased at other stores. Come and give Isetan Shinjuku's trustworthy watch maintenance and repair services a try for yourself!


A style adviser who speaks Chinese--both Cantonese and Mandarin--is regularly available in the Main Building's fourth-floor jewelry and watches area. Thanks to the support provided by this staff member, Chinese-speaking customers can enjoy comfortable shopping free from language-barrier worries.


Ms. Suzuki, our Chinese-speaking style adviser, previously worked in the men's section, handbags section and duty-free counter at Ginza Mitsukoshi before joining Isetan Shinjuku's jewelry and watches section. Although she had little knowledge about wristwatch products at the start, Thanks to the support of our many customers, we are working hard to deliver excellent customer service every day. Instead of resting on our laurels, we are committed to remaining aware of trends that are changing daily.



Suzuki's primary tasks are helping customers in the sales area, answering e-mails received from overseas customers, and sending follow-up e-mails to customers who have made purchases. Because shoppers can consult with a style adviser who is highly knowledgeable about the wide variety of products available before coming to the store, they are better able to enjoy their shopping experience without stress or uncertainty.


Suzuki dedicates herself to offering products that customers will truly love. When asked to describe one of her happiest moments as a style adviser, Suzuki responded somewhat bashfully, "when a customer I had previous helped came back just to visit me." During your visit to Japan, we hope you will come by the jewelry and watches section on the fourth floor of Isetan Shinjuku's Main Building, where Ms. Suzuki is waiting to help each and every customer have a satisfying shopping experience.

Ran Suzuki

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