On the Front Line of Inbound Opportunities in Shinjuku


"Inbound" is likely to be an unfamiliar term to those living outside Japan. It refers to people coming to Japan's shores from abroad, and their number is on the rise. Each year sees more and more visitors come to Japan, eager to dive deep into its constantly evolving and enthralling culture. Nowhere in Tokyo is this desire more apparent than in the west of the city, where Isetan Shinjuku is located. Day or night, throughout the year, the city's streets throng with inbound visitors as they begin their Tokyo story.


Meeting the varied needs of both inbound visitors and the organisations and groups that have popped up to cater for them is no easy task, but yet is undertaken by INBOUND LEAGUE. Located a short walk from the Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, the eight floors of the self-contained building encompass the here and now of the increasingly important inbound phenomenon. There is everything from baggage storage, cycle rental, concierge and cafe services on the first floor, to offices and conference space for inbound-oriented businesses, and even a contemporary take on a traditional Japanese tatami-mat floor on the eighth floor.


INBOUND LEAGUE has become a hub of activity, including a regularly rotated roster of events you can read about on its Facebook page (https://goo.gl/FYrbMq). The events aim to be a gateway to authentic Japanese culture and, in turn, transform visitors into cultural ambassadors who will return home to share Japanese culture with the world.

These exchanges are reflected in the east-meets-west artwork displayed on the first floor and in decor throughout the building, and you can see the inbound visitors' own impact in the art that dots the building.


So whether you are looking for tour booking, or bicycle rental to tour Tokyo's streets yourself, let the INBOUND LEAGUE support you on your travels and put you in touch with the Shinjuku area beyond Isetan's walls.






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