This is a place where "Japanese culture" and "children's smiles" magically coexist in the bustle of Shinjuku.


Ninja Trick House in Tokyo is a theme park all about ninja


Daiichi Wako Bld. 4F 2-28-13 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Ninja Trick House in Tokyo

Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.Here, there is an interactive tourist spot foreign tourists visit.

"Ninja Trick House in Tokyo."

This is an interactive theme park that allows you to experience everything related to ninja, from ninjutsu (the martial art of ninja) to shuriken (a star-shaped weapon with blades) and even battou (the art of drawing swords).



After entering the entrance from the 1st floor, you take the stairs to go all the way up to the 4th floor. It is an ordinary multi-tenant building just like a hiding place. However, once you reach the 4th floor, an empire red torii (a gateway to a Shinto shrine) suddenly appears before your eyes. This is the entrance to the Ninja Trick House Tokyo.


When you go through the torii, you will see a reception.You enter the theme park after paying a fee (¥ 1,000 tax included).Each tour group will go through the theme park following the guide of Mr. Yumoto, a ninja and the master of the house. It takes approximately 25 minutes for a group to experience the different areas. One tour group can accommodate up to 12 people.Once you purchasing a ticket, you are led to a trick room.

You will then watch a short video about ninja.


After this, you are invited to interact with the weapons unique to ninja in the room.


Although there are many types of weapons ninja uses, you can experience using the following six weapons at this place.


-bokuto (wooden sword used for training)

-nihonto (Japanese sword) (replica)

-kagizume (A metal weapon with a hook shaped like a beast's nail)

-kusarigama (chain-sickle)

-makibishi (caltrop)

Although I was only familiar with shuriken, I learned that each weapon had specific characteristics, and all the stories related to each weapon shared by the ninja were intriguing and interesting.



Don't forget to try uncovering the several tricks hidden in the room before leaving it.After interacting with the weapons till your heart's content, you are led to the next room, the dojo (training hall).

You will spend some time training here.


Training①Shuriken throwing

This is training in which you will throw shuriken towards a target.




Throwing a weighty shuriken requires much skill.The thrill of the shuriken piercing the target is worth experiencing.


At this facility, children can also safely throw the shuriken to their heart's content.

Training②Battoujutu (the art of drawing a sword)

Battoujutu is a type of ninjutsu.It may look like a simple process of pulling a sword out of a sheath and putting it back in, but it is hard to succeed.


Although I wasn't that skillful, I tried cutting a mannequin and strike its heart. The exhilarating feeling of trying out the lethal techniques I was instructed was surreal. You can experience this using a replica sword and a bokuto (wooden sword). You will be amazed at how heavy the replica sword is.


Time ticks away as you concentrate on the experience.25 minutes passes at no time.It is time to say good-bye to ninja.You will take a commemorative photo with a weapon of your choice. You can, of course, take a photo with a ninja.


The makibishi (caltrop) I was given as a souvenir somehow made me happier.For a moment, you can feel as though you became a ninja.


A lively town called Kabuki-cho.The 4th floor of a multi-tenant building that stands in a crowded area.When you finish climbing the stairs, you will find an old ninja house operating, hidden from the sight of the enemies.Why did Mr. Yumoto build a ninja house in this area?There was a trick house in the neighborhood when he was a child.A major reason he decided to build the house was to create a place where others could experience the fun and excitement he had experienced.I ended up buying two pieces of shuriken hoping I won't forget this excitement.


"Ninja Trick House in Tokyo" has also been introduced in TripAdvisor and was bustling with foreign visitors.


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