Where to Eat in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi - Washoku Restaurants


210_2_01.jpgRecently we looked at the many cafes and tea rooms you can find at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi. This time we are moving on to the eat-in restaurants in the Food Hall, where you will find an excellent line-up of traditional Japanese washoku cuisine that makes for a perfect lunch in the heart of the store.

All the options listed below have counter seating in addition to those with table seating, so you are guaranteed the authentic experience of being able to watch the chef hard at work before your very eyes!

Tempura - Yamanoue

210_2_02.jpgThis is the only department store location for this legend of the Tokyo tempura world. First founded in 1954 close to Nihombashi in Kanda-Surugadai the restaurant's distinctive taste will have you joining the ranks of their many regulars to coming back time and time again.


Unagi - Nihombashi Izumoya

210_2_04.jpgAnother Nihombashi fixture, this Japanese unagi eel specialist has been serving skewered eel over rice since 1946 with the same delicious sauce and care and attention ever since. For a taste of Japanese eel that takes you back to old Edo make it Nihombashi Izumoya.


Sushi - Kuhashi

210_2_06.jpgFinally for a quintessential sushi experience we have Kuhashi. The restaurant only has seven seats and they are always in demand with the carefully selected fresh fish turning into true delicacies at the hands of the master chef. If you can't get a seat then takeout options are also available for an obento lunchbox to be savored.

210_2_07.jpgEspecially at weekends it is not rare to see people sitting in line outside the restaurants waiting to be ushered in. But there is usually a pretty quick turnaround time so don't let that put you off and take a seat in line! The member of staff will be sure to be with you presently.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building B1F, Food Hall

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