Living Well With the Arts at Mitsukoshi ART & CREATION



ART & CREATION at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi is a storewide celebration where each and every floor of the Main Store and Annex celebrates both the arts and their place in our daily lives.

Mitsukoshi × Tokyo University of the Arts

Adding youthful energy to this artistic festival we also teamed up with Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan's sole national arts university and one responsible for nurturing countless creatives, for a special competition to find a new generation of talent. Students were tasked with reimagining Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's iconic wrapping paper, with the winning designs being put into production for use in store. You can still see many of the other entries in store, so why not see which one you might have picked?

222_02.jpgThe winning entry from Fumio Kajitani "Tengata"

See all the winners and entries at the link below (Japanese only)

A Festival of Fine Art

222_03.jpgThe festivities didn't stop there either, as around 100 current students and young graduates from the Tokyo University of the Arts had their work displayed in store at the sixth floor art galleries. Visitors were entranced by a variety of works that spanned Japanese tradition to the contemporary arts.

Join us as we look at two fresh talents from the exhibition, and hear the stories behind their work.

Memories of Wind - Takashi Hokoi


Building on his fascination with mechanisms and the representation of wind in contemporary art, Takashi Hokoi presented a new work that allowed for a novel apparatus where gusts of wind could be transcribed on an acyclic panel using a pen.

222_05.jpgThe piece articulates the movements of wind in a signature unique to that place and time.


Temporal Idol - Masafumi Shigeta


A ceramicist fascinated by representing minerals and ore in ceramics, Masafumi Shigeta now applies his hand to a piece inspired by Jomon Era (14,000-300 BCE) pottery. The vessel appears to be clad in crystalline structures to illustrate the passing of time.


Mitsukoshi ART & CREATION


August 8th - 21st, 2018


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store and Annex, Every Floor

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