A Sublime Expression of Tradition and Craftsmanship - The Japanese Furniture of Eiri Iwakura



Recognized as one of Japan's preeminent interior designers, Eiri Iwakura can count among his numerous accolades and awards a recent exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark that marked 40 years of exemplary design work. Having won acclaim in the capital of northern European design, the Eiri Iwakura now brings his distinctive style to the halls of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi for an exclusive project that celebrates the role of Japanese artisans in his output.

217_02.jpg"Furniture Designer Eiri Iwakura x Traditional Craftsmanship" brings over 20 pieces from Eiri Iwakura's "KAMO" and "tobi" brands into the store to showcase two different sides of the legendary designer's work.

217_03.jpgKAMO - Transmitting Tradition to The World
Taking its name from the city of Kamo in Niigata Prefecture in central Japan, this brand is responsible for some 70% of paulownia wood chest of drawers created in Japan. Building on over 220 years of traditional crafting practice that has continued uninterrupted since Edo era Japan, Eiri Iwakura has applied his own bold creative vision to this craft to create the brand known as KAMO. Debuting internationally in 2006 in Cologne, Germany to great acclaim, the brand has continued to be an ambassador for high level paulownia craft and a new generation of Japanese original furniture.

tobi - Urban Beauty for Contemporary Tokyo

217_04.jpgEdo, now Tokyo, in its transformation to a modern metropolis has a beauty all its own. One that treasures the sense of beauty from Edo, intertwined with vibrant innovation that embraces the future. Taking its name from the two characters to, meaning city, and bi, beauty, tobi literally calls to mind the beauty of Tokyo, and the aesthetic principles that have defined the city since Edo. Now tobi seeks to share this constantly evolving spirit of craftsmanship with the world.

217_05.jpgSee the full range of furniture at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi and discover a new chapter in Japanese furniture design.

Furniture Designer Eiri Iwakura x Traditional Craftsmanship


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 5F, Living Section

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September 19th - October 2nd, 2018

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