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Japan is a nation with a great equine affection, joining much of the world in regarding horses as some of the most elegant in all the animal kingdom, and ranking highly the ability to ride as a mark of true accomplishment. Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's own equestrian salon Piaffer honours this deep relationship and aims to meet the needs of beginners right through to seasoned riders. The selection in-store spans premium riding wear and tack for elegant dressage, show jumping, as well as other equestrian events, and also a diverse range of products that celebrate all that equestrian culture encompasses.

200_02.jpgRide with Style

For discerning riders we offer a tailor-made equestrian clothing service. Drawing on a team of Japan's finest tailors FUKUYA ASARI's complete order made riding wear is already a firm favourite amongst many equestrian athletes. Elsewhere world class brands such as Italy's Cavalleria Toscana and France's Guibert will vie for attention with a selection of fashion and riding wear, producing ready-to-wear designs and accessories that complement their sporting output. For quality boots, acclaimed Italian brand DeNiro is also on hand.

200_03.jpg200_04.jpgFor the Love of Horses

At Piaffer accompanying the horse riding wear and fashion you will also find accessories and art. Through these, as well as planning international and domestic riding tours for our customers, we aim to support the enduring connection between man and horse.




Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 4F, Piaffer

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