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Enjoying Nihombashi in Kimono Style



Young women strolling the streets in delightful kimono: the common sight is a testament to the enduring power of traditional Japanese dress. In Nihombashi, these stylish women exemplify the fusion of vintage and vogue that defines the area. Join us as we tour Nihombashi with them!

204_02.jpgWonderful Washi

In the world of Japanese handicrafts, washi is a perpetual favourite. At the 200-year-old Haibara washi shop, where -- in Nihombashi style -- a modern exterior gives way to a trove of traditional goods, shoppers can find writing paper, letter sets and charming Japanese prints. Cute patterns like cherry blossoms and geometric designs complement brightly patterned kimono.

204_03.jpgA Perfect Matcha Break

When in kimono, matcha and wagashi sweets are the refreshment of choice. Zen Cha'fe, a tearoom known for its stunningly beautiful monaka wafer cakes, serves a mellow brew steeped in traditional iron kettles, perfect for a midday break. Meals are also available.

204_04.jpg204_05.jpgMaking Memories

204_06.jpgThe Nihombashi neighbourhood is full of Instagrammable photo-op spots, from the spectacular Japanese unicorn perched atop Nihombashi bridge -- the centre of Tokyo and origin point for all roads in Japan -- to the river it spans. Savvy kimono enthusiasts descend the riverbank from the Nihombashi Station side to capture shots backdropped by Nihombashi bridge and river.

204_07.jpgExperience Nihombashi from the Water

The development of Edo -- old Tokyo -- was sustained by canals in which boats transported goods from place to place. Today, cruise boats rule the waterways, and can be boarded at the foot of Nihombashi bridge. Video the ride to share the adventure.

204_08.jpgIn Nihombashi, the history of Tokyo is woven into the city's modern fabric, and kimono are as at-home as the stylish women wearing them. Discover this extraordinary neighbourhood at your leisure.


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