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Fresh Farm Cooking in the Heart of the City at Union Sand Yard


199_01.jpgFor all its great many positives Tokyo has an image of being removed from nature, even while there is always sanctuary to be found in its many parks and shrines that are particularly prevalent to the east of the city. Beyond that there is always fresh fish arriving at the city's docks and delicious produce that reminds us that the unspoiled nature of Japan is never far away.

199_02.jpgFor a particularly delicious reminder of the bounty of the rolling green fields beyond the city head to Union Sand Yard in Ningyocho to the east of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.


Unbelievably Fresh Japanese Produce

A well-kept secret even for Nihombashi locals, the restaurant takes you to a backstreet and instantly welcomes you with vegetable patches and rustic wooden crates overflowing with fresh vegetables. Union Sand Yard sources all its vegetables directly from strictly selected farms that bypasses any kind of marketplace, ensuring that you can enjoy produce at its absolute freshest, with much of the harvest that enters the kitchen picked that very morning.

199_04.jpgThe fresh line-up from carefully selected farms makes for a healthy mineral rich line-up, and one that is as tasty as it looks and highlights the distinct flavours of regional Japanese produce. The restaurant applies the same attention to detail to its menu with homemade bread, ham and even pasta being made in house for a delightfully rustic experience.


Delicious and Healthy Day or Night

At lunchtime the hearty platters are sure to satisfy, as is the included all you can drink smoothie service that varies by the day. At night you can expect organic wines and even fresh fruit and vegetable infused cocktails for a toast with a difference.



Union Sand Yard

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