Lustrous Beauty Born from Pearls with Moonpearl by Mikimoto Cosmetics



Ever since Kōkichi Mikimoto first invented the technique to culture pearls by the waters of the spiritual hub of Ise, Japan in 1893, the name MIKIMOTO has grown to become synonymous with world-class luxury jewellery and timeless beauty.

198_02.jpgBeyond Japan's shores it is perhaps less well known that Kōkichi Mikimoto's search to cultivate beauty did not end with pearls themselves, taking as he did the knowledge and technology gleaned from perfecting cultured pearls to the world of cosmetics so that a women's radiance can match the glow of their jewellery.


Beauty Lessons from Nature

This research into pearls became MIKIMOTO COSMETICS, a complete line-up of skincare, make-up and beauty products all drawing from lessons learned from pearls, and like the gentle gradual process that builds up to the brilliance of a pearl, aims to make your skin your lifetime's treasure.

198_04.jpgThe signature Moonpearl line, named after the traditional Japanese belief that pearls were said to be dewdrops from the moon, was launched in 1971 and has evolved with the brand's ongoing pioneering research to become a consistent favourite here at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.


Start your Japanese Beauty Story

Leading the latest line-up that are all united by featuring MIKIMOTO COSMETICS own Pearl Conchiolin ®, the Moisture Rich Lotion is a great gateway to the full Moonpearl line and beyond. Let our cosmetics section staff in store guide you through a tailor made beauty regime that unlocks the line in its entirety.

Your journey with MIKIMOTO COSMETICS may just be beginning, but with so much still to learn from pearls themselves, you can look forward to the next chapter in their illustrious history.

Mikimoto Cosmetics


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