Niigata Sake Brewers Unite in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi



Known to sake connoisseurs the world over, Japanese sake from the coastal Niigata prefecture is celebrated for its distinctive flavour and huge variety of premium breweries. Now Nihombashi Mitsukoshi invites the Niigata Sakenojin association into the store so that you can tour the output of some ninety respected breweries from the prefecture as well as enjoy pairing it with traditional Niigata cuisine to match.

A Toast to over Ninety Breweries all in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi!

Having marked fifty years of fine sake as the Niigata Sake Breweries Association, the Niigata Sakenojin project was launched in 2004 to bring sake to as wide an audience as possible with a series of successful tasting fairs in Niigata. Now in the heart of the store, this is a rare chance to taste for yourself what makes Niigata sake such a draw, as well as find a new favourite.


With so many fine Japanese nihonshu wines to sample it can be difficult to know where to leap in, so Nihombashi Mitsukoshi is on hand with tasting tickets on sale in packs of five and ten, each exchangeable for a 30ml tasting glass of the sake of your choice. The first 2000 customers will also receive a limited edition Mitsukoshi ochoko, sake cup so that you can toast Niigata sake in style, and hopefully not for the last time.

196_02.jpgNiigata's famed nori seaweed kneaded soba noodles

Pair your favourite with Niigata cuisine

The climate of Niigata is not only perfect for sake, but also western wine and beers which you will also find well-represented in store. Additionally the eat-in area in store is packed with Niigata cuisine including Niigata favourites hard to find in Tokyo, such as hegisoba accompanied with tempura (pictured), that pair beautifully with the sumptuous sake on offer.

Niigata Sake Brewers Association in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 7F Exhibition Space

Floor guide


February 28th - March 6th 2018

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