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Spirited Japanese Calligraphy Brings Youthful New Year Resolutions (video)



Visitors to Nihombashi Mitsukoshi between the 6th and 8th of January can't have missed the dramatic display of traditional Japanese calligraphy that took over the Central Hall of the Main Store as we kicked off our 2018 in style.

*Above you can enjoy one of the performances entitled "Soaring" from the girls of Fukagawa High School, which is located just east of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store.

192_02.jpgThe kinetic performance brought the energy of three Tokyo based middle and high girls schools' calligraphy clubs into the heart of the store for three separate performances over three days. Perhaps a little more boisterous than the usual image of Japanese calligraphy abroad, the choreographed dances and bold brushwork are still very much an important representation of the relevance of calligraphy to Japanese young people and the Central Hall the perfect outlet to bring the city's schoolgirls' work to the wider audience it deserves.

192_03.jpgIn the participants' paint splashed and graffitied clothes, infectious enthusiasm, and confident brushstrokes across the vast canvas we find a wave of positivity for the start of 2018. Needless to say this extends to the words of the artwork itself which speaks of resolve for the new year, but even beyond all language barriers the spirit of Japanese calligraphy has an ability to speak to all by form alone, from the packed rafters of the onlookers in the Central Hall to viewers on this site all around the world.


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