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The Lock Part 1 - Creating Connections at the August Moon Cafe



Explore a Side of Nihombashi you Never Knew Existed!

Regular readers of this site will be familiar with the Nihombashi area as characterised as a centre for enduring traditional Japanese culture, and while that may be true in many regards, more than that there is a spirit of industry that has existed in the area since it became the centre of the capital in Edo and one that continues to call to entrepreneurs and innovators from Japan. Furthermore as we have seen, Nihombashi continues to function as a bridge to and from Japan at large, and while there are many international visitors who pass through, there are also those who choose to make it their home.


Bridging New England with Nihombashi

Located to the east of the Nihombashi area a stone's throw from the Sumida river and on the outskirts of Hamacho park we find The LOCK, a self-contained four-storey building with a rooftop that encapsulates the owners' unique taste in uniting East Coast America, New England culture with the Nihombashi beyond. The building is the brainchild of J. Dallas Pyle and his partner who moved from America to Japan in order to build this space in Nihombashi. Not satisfied with only expressing a small facet of the America they left behind, the entire building from the ivy clad exterior to the rustic wood interior is lovingly curated to their taste, and its five floors resonate with cuisine, design and culture.


Homemade Food in the Heart of the City

For all visitors the first floor August Moon Cafe will be their first mooring point, where you can enjoy a sumptuous hand-dripped coffee by day and drinks at night, all in a laid back chic setting complete with homemade food that changes by the day and customers' requests. Frequently taking in references from New England favourites and American imports hard to find on Japanese shores but also extending to fusion, the menu as with the building is an expression of the owners' taste itself.

190_04.jpgJoin us in the second part of this look into The LOCK as we explore the floors above the August Moon Cafe.


August Moon Café

The LOCK produced by Songo River Inc.

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