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Community Built - BETTARA STAND Bar and Restaurant Bringing DIY to Nihombashi



Originally a car park in east Nihombashi, the BETTARA STAND Nihombashi has recently transformed an otherwise unremarkable piece of land bordering on the historic Takarada Ebisu Shrine into a new hub for Nihombashi night life. Needless to say that with over a 400 year history to its name the aforementioned shrine is already an established part of local custom, especially come autumn when the area surrounding the shrine bursts into life on October the 19th and 20th when some 500 stalls pop up selling bettara-zuke daikon radish pickles in addition to parades through the street in celebration of Ebisu, the god of prosperity. The BETTARA STAND Nihombashi takes its name from said dish and the Edo era festival's kinetic energy, and centres it on a community space to be enjoyed throughout the year.

166_02.jpgEchoing the improvised temporary structure of a festival stall, BETTARA STAND Nihombashi took over what had been used as a car park in December 2016 installing a mobile tiny house in an open plan setting and inviting the local Nihombashi community to assist in its construction over a series of workshops. Now the reclaimed wood panelled and lanterned interior is home primarily to a contemporary Japanese izakaya style restaurant and standing bar as well as a book shop promoting small publishers and creatives nationwide, in addition to a general event space that holds gatherings as diverse as bonsai workshops and film screenings.

166_03.jpgOf course the space's namesake bettara-zuke is on the menu, and is a perfect match for the accomplished craft beer and Japanese nihonshu wine menu that spans the length and breadth of Japan in addition to local favourites. Elsewhere seasonal specials such as barbecues and nabe bring variety to the menu, and with the gatherings, events and even decor in a constant state of flux, BETTARA STAND Nihombashi represents the current generation of the creative community that continue to make Nihombashi their home.




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