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Nihombashi Miyoshikai Gourmet Tour - The Journey So Far



So far our tour of the Miyoshikai group of restaurants and cafes has taken us all over Nihombashi, and demonstrates just how varied and vibrant the gastronomic culture of the area is. Join us now as we look back on the tour, and trust that any dining experience with the Miyoshikai group members is sure to be a memorable one. If you wish to plan your own tour then click on any of the restaurants to read more.

Sushi at Shigenozushi

1602_02.jpgWe start with chairman of Miyoshikai Ichiro Sakuma's own sushi restaurant Shigenozushi. For many visitors to Japan, and Nihombashi in particular, sushi is a top priority, and with this third generation family restaurant you will find the authentic Japanese sushi experience largely unchanged since Edo when the local fish markets kickstarted the legacy this restaurant is proud to be part of.

Unagi at Oedo

1602_03.jpg Continuing on with restaurants who focus their talents entirely on a single dish, we find Oedo who has been specialising in unagi, Japanese eel, cuisine for ten generations. As you can imagine the refined repertoire of dishes is an experience for epicures and newcomers to unagi alike, and the beautiful rustic setting an oasis of calm in the heart of Tokyo.

Sukiyaki and Shabushabu at Sasaki


Nikusentonya Sasaki to the north of Nihombashi is a firm favourite of the area, growing from a butcher's shop founded in 1919 and taking that expert eye to create a number of accessible and most importantly delicious dishes that bring meat-based cuisine into the Miyoshikai restaurant. The thicker cuts of meat in both sukiyaki and shabushabu put the meat centre stage in a relaxed dining experience perfect for lunch or dinner.

Soba at Rikyuan


Likewise Rikyuan's soba noodles are a favourite at lunch or dinner, fuelling the workers in the Nihombashi area in the bustling first floor section, and with more relaxed seating on the floors above for those who wish to take their time. Now in its third generation, head chef Hiroshi Mizutani is on hand to ensure you get a memorable soba experience, taking particular pride in its mature bonito broth.

Tempura at Tenmo


Tenmo is worth visiting for its fantastic building as well as its sumptuously light tempura, both honed as they are by a remarkable history that takes us back to Edo of old. Using aromatic sesame seed oil and produce predominantly from the Tokyo area itself, this is a time-slip back to the origins of this now global dish, and one you owe it to yourself to experience at least once.

Coffee and Cake at BUNMEIDO CAFE


Finally for a break as well as a whole host of full dining options, make sure you put BUNMEIDO CAFE on your itinerary. At the Nihombashi flagship you can enjoy their castella cakes and house-blend coffee, as well as Japanese fusion cocktails as you head into the evening.

Miyoshikai Groumet Map

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