Marking the Occasion at our In-house Beauty Salon and Photography Studio


154_01.jpgFor many visitors to Japan finding the right beauty salon can be a tall order, not for want of their quality or quantity, but in finding one where you can guarantee they will put your needs first. Particularly for those visiting Japan for a special celebration or event, this is not something you want to take a risk on, so let our in-house beauty salon Silk House take that weight off your mind with their motto of always putting communication with the customer first. Starting with an extensive menu of services that extends to treatments and head spas as well as seasonal limited services, the salon offers a consultation with our team of experienced stylists to ensure your needs are met.


Proceeding on to the light and spacious salon and the attentive staff will take the lead recommending the right shampoos and products to match your hair type, including exclusive Japanese products in addition to the luxury line-up from leading global brands. Elsewhere the salon offers styling and make-up services perfect for a special occasion, as well as full kimono and yukata dressing services for those looking to step out in Nihombashi or attend an event in traditional Japanese dress. Especially for those unsure of customs when attending a wedding or similar, the staff will be happy to guide you through the options, as this is something that even Japanese residents can require assistance with.

Beyond the beauty salon the same building also houses a professional photo studio where you can have your special occasion captured for posterity. Everything from fitting portraits to family photographs are available, with our staff guiding you through the range of options on offer that will take you right from setting the scene, selecting your favorite shot, editing, and then finally printing and framing. For those looking to step beyond the luxurious studio, they also offer photography services in the Nihombashi area itself, so if you want one of the area's iconic locations as the backdrop to your shot then don't hesitate to ask.

So for the perfect memento of your time in Japan entrust our the team at the Silk House Beauty Salon and Sato Photo Studio to make sure that it is given the gravitas it deserves.


Silk House Men's Salon / Beauty Salon


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Parking Building 2F, 3F

Sato Photo Studio


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Parking Building 4F

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