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149_01.jpgRegular readers will doubtlessly by familiar with the stunning selection of luxury fountain pens we keep in store, but that is only half the picture. A quality pen and a practiced hand deserve fine stationary to match, and visitors will be delighted with the range of papers, and paper related products we keep in store to match all occasions as well as please the connoisseur who takes pride in their stationary. Key amongst the line-up is Haibara, a brand with particular resonance with Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, born as it was in the heart of Edo only a short distance from the Main Store.


A family business since it was founded in Bunka 3 (1806) by Sasuke Nakamura, the brand shot to prominence in bustling Edo, a particular favorite amongst the emerging merchant class as well as writers and artists who were drawn to their thin yet lustrous gampi paper, which quickly became known affectionately as the "King of Paper" amongst the people of the capital. In parallel, the rise in woodblock printing in the era spawned not only an explosion in affordable ukiyo-e woodblock printed art amongst all classes in society, but also hand-printed paper which Haibara utilised to bring art into the daily lives of countless Edo citizens and beyond. 149_03.jpgWith the advent of Meiji, their influence even spread as far as Europe winning awards as early as 1873 at the World Expo in Vienna, not only being archived in museum collections for their remarkable designs, but doubtlessly inspiring other creatives in the process.

In the now 200 years since, Haibara's output has now expanded to all manner of stationery products, from full letter sets to hand printed postcards and fans, with the latter prized as a souvenir in Edo era Japan as today. Needless to say our staff are on hand to guide you through the extensive selection, and if you wish to send a card or letter in Japan, they can advise on an appropriate design to match the season and occasion.




Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building, 5F Stationary Section

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