Base Creams to Revolutionize your Skincare and Make-up


136_01.jpgBase creams commonly known either as BB creams or CC creams are still something of a rarity outside Asia having only been relatively recently introduced to Western markets. Surprising then that in Japan and in especially in South Korea they have been a mainstay since the 1980s balancing moisturiser with many other essentials, most frequently replacing the need for a dedicated foundation and sunblock, but with some elite creams also including serums and other luxurious skincare additions why not try try them out as part of your skincare and make-up routines? Now with increased awareness worldwide BB and CC creams are in demand more than ever, and for the discerning customer we at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi are on hand to guide you through the field to make sure you will find the perfect match.


For a truly multi-tasking cream, the Auractivator CC Cream from trusted Japanese brand SK-II is a five in one beauty solution taking care of UV defense with SPF50+/PA++++, enriching and moisturising the skin, covering blemishes and also acting as a radiant skin serum - all in a single base cream.



Originally only available in luxury beauty salons the euga cosmetics range offers a combination of care and protection with their Beauty Skin BB Cream, which aims for instantly smooth skin on application that will fix your makeup against the elements incorporating SPF35 and PA+++ protection that will last all day.



Relative newcomer to base creams, world-renowned beauty brand LANCÔME presents their take in the form of the UV Expert XL-Shield CCC Cream that is available in three shades to match a wide range of skin tones, and provides long lasting protection for your complexion from ultraviolet light with a natural finish.



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