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110_01.jpgAs we saw on our last visit to Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's prestigious Order Salon the path to truly bespoke tailoring is hard won, and in our case is a journey over one hundred years in the making. When clients visit the salon they are assured that they are in the hands of master pattern cutters whose every hand stitch has been through the same judicious assessment as the generation before them. Accordingly these skills are treasured and Mitsukoshi's partnership with Tokyo's distinguished fashion school Bunka Fashion College ensuring that a new apprentice ready to take on the challenge is waiting in the wings.

Each consultation with our team begins by establishing the scene for the suit, with the peak of formality right through to the office and summer suits well catered for. From there the fit is taken with no specific house cut in mind, rather aiming to meet the fit the customer has specified that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle. Sizing is thus conducted in a number of situations taking into a count pocket positioning, depth and whether they are likely to be used, the exact lie of the belt and any other detail the discerning client has in mind. The end result that draws from the world's finest fabrics and natural materials for the finishing is a labour of love to treasure,110_02.jpg representing a collaboration between client and tailor never to be repeated exactly the same ever again.

Take your place in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's Order Salon history and know that by doing so you continue the line of craftsmen and tailors into the future so that the generation to come can learn the value of truly bespoke tailoring.

Senior pattern cutter Noboru Ogawa and pattern cutter Hiroshi Yamamoto
aim to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of every client.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 2F, Men's Order Salon

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