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097_01.jpgGolf is a relatively new import to Japan in the grand scheme of things, but it is impossible to imagine the sporting landscape, or indeed the beautiful vistas that house Japan's own courses, without it. Along with some of the finest courses in the world, Japan also has a golfing culture all its own, with the country's craftsmen and artisans rising to the challenge to produce golfing equipment to match. Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's Golf Salon is testament to this culture of excellence, not only gathering the best of the global stage and the domestic brands under one roof, but also pushing to the fore bespoke and custom-made equipment to meet the requirements and play style of the individual.

097_02.jpgThe Golf Salon experience begins with a swing analysis with our state of the art swing simulator, as well as from the seasoned golfers that man the salon. For those working on their green game the roof top putting course is also on offer to test your form, as well as try out prospective additions to your bag. From there our staff can guide you through our extensive selection, but the truly discerning will want to pay a trip to the Masda Golf section where bespoke, and even completely original clubs are yours for the taking.

097_03.jpgManning Masda Golf is manager Kenichiro Maruo, a pro golfer in his own right who will be happy to share his expert knowledge gleaned from tournaments with you in store.

A renowned maker in the world of Japanese golfing, Masda Golf offers artisanal clubs entirely made in Japan, using high quality materials and technologies including natural rubber for the grips and cutting edge plating technology. Whether a client wants to tweak an existing design, in style by adding in a bit of personal flair or in substance by tweaking the angle of the head, or wants to build a new shaped head from the ground up, all things are possible. 097_04.jpgThe feeling of taking to the course with a club cut in your own image from a solid steel ingot, forged and finished by hand, and perfectly adjusted for your body and swing is an exceptional experience that Masda Golf wants to extend to all golfers, and at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi it is yours.

Elsewhere the Masda Golf section offers many services at their fairs and workshop in store, so no-matter what the concern, repair or adjustment, please feel free to visit any time for a consultation, and join our entire team of golf aficionados in store to celebrate our very mutual love of the pursuit.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 4F, Golf Salon

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