Bask in the Gleam of the Gold Exhibition 2016


079_01.jpgFollowing on from our look at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi's resident Gold Salon, we now invite fans of fine gold kogei work to our annual Gold Exhibition which gathers items sourced from Japan's finest goldsmiths for a celebration of the splendor that only gold can capture on a scale that will leave you breathless. This exhibition unites a staggering array of around a thousand items in a range of genres, from sculpture and art, through to classic kogei subjects such as tea sets, sake cups and jugs, and netsuke that open the door to a grandeur you can build into your day to day. Prices span the souvenir friendly 200 yen, all the way to the 200 million yen mark that that will be exhibits to most, but an investment in both gold and art for the very lucky few.

079_02.jpgAmong treasures, including those created by those who themselves have been certified Living National Treasures, we find master goldsmith Ishikawa Koichi, a 3rd generation kogei artisan upholding the traditions and techniques of his Tokyo-based family lineage. Accordingly for this exhibition he has painstakingly recreated the distinctive koban coins, the oval currency of Edo-era Japan, so visitors can step back to a time when one's wallet really did contain pure gold, as well as a range of traditional subjects exemplified by a stunning Japanese katana sword forged in some four and a half kilograms of pure gold.

079_03.jpgEchoing this spirit of adding additional artistic value to what is already the most enduring of investments, visitors to the Jewelry Salon on the 6th floor will find art ingots in a variety of different shapes finished with an engraving of your choice, for gifts that will be treasured beyond its value, as well as a wealth of other services available all year round.


*Written by Samuel Thomas

Gold Exhibition


July13th - 18th, 2016


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 7F, Exhibition Space

Floor guide

SGC Gold


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 6F, Jewelry Salon

Floor guide

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