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054_01.jpgDebuting in 2001, Sanyo Yamacho was originally born of a wish to make suits and shoes to the exacting standards of its Japanese clientele. Even as high quality suits can always be imported, there is something to be said for the depth of understanding that can only come from a complete familiarity of local expectation, culture and season. In the 15 years since, not only has Sanyo Yamacho become a symbol of clothes that make the man in Japan, but also an ambassador for Japanese craftsmanship internationally. Customers from abroad often make this tailor their destination, not coming away with a garish label to show for it, but rather an unmistakable calling card of quality that those who truly appreciate fine menswear will know on sight.


It was being honed by Sanyo Yamacho's dedication to meeting the demands of their Japanese clients that made these tailors the powerhouse they are today, and is immediately apparent from their tradition of bestowing their shoes with Japanese male names, a bold message that clearly states that while the modern gentleman's wardrobe may have come from the West, these are now products of Japanese craftsmanship through and through. From the very first Kanzaburo with its beautifully balanced almond toe, to the Tomojiro which followed to become a design classic for over 10 years, each shoe is an entry in a family tree, its place in the lineage apparent, and all united to a commitment to quality that includes the now lamentably rare techniques of Goodyear welting and wooden construction that will serve you well for years to come.

054_03.jpgThe beautifully balanced designs that extend to the carefully observed curves of the heel cup and arch are doubtless a key draw, but so too is their balance in the seasons. The heat of the Japanese summer demanding a linen, or linen-leather mix, and this attention to season is also found in the tailoring where customers can select the perfect weight of fabric to ensure that wherever they may go in the world that their suit stands with them.

Customers at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi have the full lineup for any gentleman's wardrobe, and semi-order and various custom order options are available to ensure that you join Sanyo Yamacho as an ambassador for Japanese design.


Sanyo Yamacho


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