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Japan Edition - Experiencing the beauty of Japanese craftsmen's works at Ginza Mitsukoshi


Traditional crafts that convey the Japanese aesthetics


Ginza Mitsukoshi 7thFloor Living

Made in Japan - A work that has become a synonym of "quality" and "trust."

You might be looking for high-quality Japanese crafts you can purchase during your next visit.


<Japan Edition> on the 7thFloor of Ginza Mitsukoshi is perfect for people who love products that are a product of "authentic Japanese works."


The area is a select shop operated by Ginza Mitsukoshi, one of the oldest department stores in Japan famous for its tradition and class. Here, you're able to find one-of-a kind products and works produced by artists.

We asked two Japanese staff who are experts in traditional crafts, what makes <Japan Edition> special.


Ms. Komura has received the "evergreen" badge that is given to staff who continue to offer the best kind of service. Other than Japanese, she is fluent in Chinese and Italian.


"<Japan Edition> has works that can't be found anywhere else made by artists. It truly deserves to be called an "art." The staff are also able to answer questions about Japanese traditional and mannerisms."


Ms. Kurokawa is a "gift advisor" who is knowledgeable about ceremonies in Japan.

She'll be able to help you with wrappings for special occasions.


"It's a fulfilling job as foreign customers appreciate heartfelt and detailed hospitality and services such as wrapping. Please take a look at these various crafts for yourself."

We'd like to now introduce you our top-recommendations of <Japan Edition>'s crafts.


Kisendo×Sandai Hata Shunsai Miharu Mt. Fuji-Shaped Spiral Iron Kettle ¥345,600 (tax included)

A highly precious iron kettle made by the famous, third-generation Hata Shunsai that has only been produced as a limited product of 30 kettles.


Seiharudo Kamefumidoutsushi Iron Kettle Inakasansui (small) Made of Iron Sand ¥300,240 (tax included)


Left: GINSHODO Tsumami (knob on the kettle lid) Holder, Plate Type, Plum Engraving

Right: GINSHODO Tsumami (knob on the kettle lid) Holder, Plate Type, Cherry Blossom Engraving

¥17,280 (tax included)

The plum and cherry blossom flowers are drawn using chasing. It's also popular as a set.


Nippon Kodo Insense ¥25,920 (tax included)


KAGAMI CRYSTAL Edo Kiriko Large Sake Cup Octagonal Woven-Bamboo Pattern ¥32,400 (tax included)


KAGAMI CRYSTAL Edo Kiriko Sake Cups Set 1 Sake Bottle, 2 Sake Cups ¥54,000 (tax included)

<KAGAMI CRYSTAL> was founded in 1934 and it's Japan's first crystal maker. Inheriting the Edo Kiriko techniques that originated in the Edo Period, it combines different Edo Kiriko patterns and structures using the traditional patterns as a base, and produces modern Edo Kiriko with new designs.


Fukagawa Seiji Congratulatory Red Picture Triplet Red (a set of 3) ¥5,400 (tax included)

Fukagawa Seiji was founded in 1894. All of the process of creating the dough, glazing, and painting is done at the factory, creating high-quality porcelain. The round patterns of auspicious omens motif drawn on the white porcelain insides the Western dots, giving a modern impression. It will add a glamours touch to your dinner table or food and it's also a great option as a gift.


Zohiko Cherry Blossoms Red Kumi Dish Set ¥15,120 (tax included)

These beautiful Kyoto lacquer dishes reflect the beautiful lacquer/gold lacquer, produced by the maker was founded in 1661. This small plate reflects the beautiful cherry blossoms drawn with 24 carat gold vermilion‐lacquered beauty is a dream come true for lacquer-lovers. The compact 6 plate set allows you to use for different ways, such as a coaster, plate, and accessory holder.


BUNZABURO Bai Petit Bag ¥5,940 (tax included)

The unique and bold shape utilizing the unevenness of the tie-dye is also popular among foreign customers. It can hold up a lot of things even though it's a small bag, and you can use it as a bag to brining around to save plastic bags and a small bag to put in your bigger bag for organization.


The beautiful craft collected by Ginza Mitsukoshi, utilizing it's tradition and class. Please try bringing back a "high-quality Japanese piece" as a memory for your travel to Japan.

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