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"Black" - A color that is preferred by many people of various countries and cultures to be worn at formal occasions. Formal attire or clothing to be worn at funerals are called "black formal wear." Every Japanese person has at least one black formal wear that is considered the "worthy" attire to be worn at weddings, funerals, or other formal occasions.


Among them, black formal from Japanese designer's brands are popular from customers in Japan's and overseas, known for the beautiful "black" color, silhouette, and design, which can also be worn as business attire.

hTe Formal Salon at Ginza Mitsukoshi 3F sells high-quality Japanese designer's brands including the famous <jun ashida> that has just started to be offered here since this spring. What makes the Formal Salon unique is the fact that there are three specialists for formal attire. We asked Ms. Okuda, a formal attire specialist, the beauty of Japanese black formal attire.


"The Formal Salon is a place where you can find items that will help you find the ideal fashion for formal occasions, from occasions celebrating joy to occasions for mourning."


"Japanese designer's formal attire are known for its precise stitching and needle work and the beautiful black dye. The Japanese brands are really particular about the extremely dark, deep black color. Our job as a formal specialist choose the best formal black attire that suits your skin color, body frame, body shape from the many brands available here"

We will now introduce our recommended items from the Formal Salon.




Jacket ¥93,960 (including tax)

The romantic details and silhouette make this jacket gorgeous and special. High-quality and comfort are packed in this jacket. The frilled sleeves add an extra feminine touch. 


<jun ashida> Tiered SK ¥81,000 (including tax)

A short, tight skirt from the single item series of the highly coveted <jun ashida>. The tiered patterns pairs great with a jacket, adding an elegant touch. 



<jun ashida> Jacket ¥138,240 (including tax)

The voluminous frills of gorgeous and feminine jacket transforms you into a romantic muse. The classic pearl necklace looks great with the wide neckline of this jacket. It's shorter than most jackets, which will help you entire look and pairings with skirts or pants look balanced.


<jun ashida> Silver Blouse ¥118,800 (including tax)

A breathtaking elbow-length blouse. The jeweled design in the middle of the blouse makes this blouse fit for a royalty.


<primish> Dress Navy ¥59,400 (tax included)

A two-piece type dress make using cord embroidery, tucking the collar. The collar can be easily attached or detached.


<laneii> Hydrangea Detachable Collar ¥24,840 (including tax)

An detachable collar with an adorable hydrangea design. Put it on instead of a jewerly, and it'll be a gorgeous fashion statement. An magnet is at the front, making it super easy to put it on and take it off.


<PETITSOIR> Beige ¥10,800 (including tax)

This gorgeousness of this simple jacket is boosted with a lovely, voluminous corsage.


<PETITSOIR> Bag Gold ¥28,080 (including tax)

It can be used as a clutch by tucking away the chain in the bag. Slip your fingers through the hole of the opening, and it'll look like you're wearing a ring.


Japanese formal black attire is a trustworthy and reliable partner for an important business occasion, or for weddings, funerals, or other formal occasions. Please come and find your trustworthy black attire at Ginza Mitsukoshi's Formal Salon.

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