Styles for Fall/Winter 2018 from <4th of GINZA>


Offering diverse styles using the trendiest brands from around the world


"Ginza 4-Chome Ave" - The address sparks images of a place where the world's latest trends are reflected. <4thof GINZA> on the 4thFloor of Ginza Mitsukoshi inherits this legacy as its name shows and opened in 2015 as a Ginza Mitsukoshi's original select store.


The store offers elegant fashion that is unique to "Ginza" that reflects trends while having a feminine touch, that the customers of Ginza love. It also suggests "elegant and casual" styles to customers who prefer high-quality goods and lifestyles.


We asked the stylist at <4thof GINZA> who is an expert in the latest trends to show us the styles for this fall/winter.

【Must-see trends & styles for fall/winter 2018 from a <4thof GINZA> stylist】


<4thof GINZA> recommend styles ①Coat×Sweater×Jeans×Sneakers

<ACNE> Coat ¥132,840 (including tax)

<ACNE> Sweater ¥38,880 (including tax)

<ACNE> Pants*Reference product

<ACNE> Shoes ¥55,080 (including tax)

A look that embodies <4thof GINZA>'s signature "elegant casual" style using the newly released items from Sweden's popular brand, <ACNE>.

This look will look great on anyone.


The fabric is made only wool, creating a warm, and super-comfy coat.

<ACNE>'s mohair sweater is popular every season.

The collar design that looks like a boat neck makes it stand out.

You can pair it with anything since it has a timeless, simple design.

The slightly oversized silhouette, and the feminine dusty pink color is one of the reasons we love this sweater.



Pair it with a unique, cute pair of sneakers. It's made of leather, so it won't make the style look too casual, creating a "cool" look.


The "face" mark is an adorable accent.


<4thof GINZA> recommended styles ②Coat×blouse×pants

A look styled with the theme, "voluminous," which is one of the hot trends of this season. The star of this look is the overestimated chester coat, paired with a high waist pants of the same color.

〈Harris Wharf London〉 Coat ¥84,240 (including tax)

〈AKIRA NAKA〉 Blouse ¥51,840 (including tax)

〈Lautashi〉 Pants ¥41,040 (including tax)


〈Harris Wharf London>'s brick-colored coat is slightly oversized and without any lining, allowing you to wear it without any stress and offering just comfort.


The sleeves are designed so you can roll it up.

<4thof GINZA> also has a wide range of dresses reflecting the season's latest trends.


〈CROSS M〉Dress ¥57,240 (including tax) 

A gorgeous, beautiful black-lace dress from Isetan Mitsukoshi's original brand <CROSS M> made in collaboration with the photographer, Ms. Mika Ninagawa. The fabric has printed the photo shooter by Ms. Mika Ninagawa, making the dress extra unique and cute. The delicate lace adds a touch of elegance.


You can enjoy an elegant and modest way of showing off your skin with this dress.

Please come and stop by <4thof GINZA> where yo can enjoy diverse styles and an international and trendy lineup of items the next time you visit Japan.

*Please note that some of the items may be sold out

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