GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge


An exclusive space that provides healing and relaxation for "men who have a passion for authentic and quality goods"


The GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge on the 5th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi opened in October, 2015. The lounge is designed for the gentlemen in GINZA to relax using their five senses.

We asked the Shop Leader, Mr. Masayuki Momozono, why this place is ideal for "men who have a passion for authentic and quality goods."


"The GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge is a place where you can "step up to a gentleman" by activating your five senses. It is also a place where men can grow to become a first-class gentleman, which we call here, "GINZA gentlemen."

What makes this lounge special is the fact that you can recharge yourself in a short time by grooming your soul and appearance, which is designed for the business elite that is active throughout the world.


"We have a tasting room to smoke cigars, so you can calm your soul as you smoke a high quality cigar kept in a room where we control the humidity with a humidor. You can also groom yourself by polishing your shoes and groom your hair at the barber as you stay relaxed."

Foreign staff who can meet the various needs of our customers are also stationed at the GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge.

*"GINZA gentlemen" are men who have playful spirit in their commitment to "authenticity" and "high quality" while being in the center of the times, and are those who are always gentlemanlike without forgetting to care for others, while being prudent and polite.


Ms. Fei Chen joined Ginza Mitsukoshi this April and is in charge of selling casual shoes such as sneakers.

"I handle sneakers and casual shoes. I work hard everyday so I can convey the spirit of hospitality, since there're many people who come to seek out "high quality Japanese goods."


Mr. Toukyou Chen came to Japan in 2009. He joined Ginza Mitsukoshi in 2015 and is currently in charge of the entire lounge.

"In addition to serving customers, I also contact different manufacturers and manage this area. It's a really fulfilling job since our customers come here from all around the world."

We asked these staff to introduce us their recommended products.

【5 Items Worthy for "GINZA Gentlemen"】


①<Montblanc> Writers Edition 2018 Homage to Homer Fountain Pen ¥102,600 (including tax)

"Homer" is the latest pen from the Writers Edition that began in 1994. The face of the Trojan horse is engraved on the pen, and Classical Greek pottery designs are engraved on the cap.


②<LEICA> C-LUX Camera ¥149,040 (including tax)

This beautiful and compact camera is installed with a 20,000 thousand image pixel sensor, a phonology of 1.5 zoom, and a touch panel LCD monitor. It allows you to take gorgeous photos you desire in any situation.



③<DON DUARTE CAZADOR> Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited Nicaraguan Cigar ¥1,600 (including tax)

This cigar exclusively available at Ginza Mitsukoshi is made by artisans who have a very long experience making cigars. It is made using high quality leaf and is characterized by a sweet aftertaste.


④<Cole Haan> Sneakers ¥47,520 (tax included)

A fashionable pair of sneakers. The eye-catching yellow color serves as an accent to the elegant gray color. The cushioning allows you to enjoy comfort end style.



⑤<Premiata> Sneakers ¥48,600 (including tax)

Sneakers from the highly coveted Italian shoe maker, <Premiata>.
In addition to the outside of this luxury sneaker, even the insole is made of leather, offering the ultimate comfort.We asked the staff to share a message with our global customers.


Mr. Momozono

"I will be serving with a sincere and loyal spirit of hospitality. Please let us know if there's anything that you need help with."

Ms. Fei Chen

"Please come and visit as there're many staff who are fluent in foreign languages."

Mr. Toukyou Chen

"I'd like customers who come from all around the world to this lounge."

Please come and visit GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge during your next visit to Japan.

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