Check Out Our Cosmetics Advisors at Mitsukoshi Ginza Love Part 4! "Brightening*/Sun Protection Items" They Can't Live Without


Get through the summer with Japan's high-quality items


The "Cosmetic Advisors" stationed at the Ginza Mitsukoshi Basement 1stFloor Ginza Information are beauty experts trained in the latest beauty trends and products.


Ms. Kubota is one of the beauty experts. She shared with us tips to protect your skin during summer when the harmful UV rays are strong, as well as the brightening* items she's in love with this summer.

*To suppress melanin generation and prevent dark spots/freckles.


【Hot Brightening*/Sun Protection Items this Season】

*To suppress melanin generation and prevent dark spots/freckles.


① 〈Acseine〉Super Sunshield BRIGHT FIT

40g SPF50+/P A++++ ¥3,240 (including tax)

A UV absorber-free, non-chemical lotion-type sunscreen that can be used for the whole body. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays while being gentle on your skin with the low-stimulation, fragrance-free, alcohol (ethanol-free), paraben-free formula.


"I used this a lot on my face and my neck. It's slightly tinted is full of moisture and makes my skin look brighter. It can also be used as a base, and will make your skin look brighter if you apply it on your body. It's really convenience since it can be washed off with soup, although it's a water-proof formula."



18g quasi-drugs ¥5,400 (including tax)

A medicated brightening* powder that helps skin look ever brighter while maintaining non-sticky, smooth and refreshing ski.It will treat skin while brightening* it.

*To suppress melanin generation and prevent dark spots/freckles.


"You can use this before you go to sleep or as a finishing powder for your day-time skin care routine. It will help keep your skin without any stickiness in the morning if you use it before you sleep."


③〈THREE〉 Balancing White Clear Essence

30mL quasi-drug ¥10,800 (including tax)

A booster-type serum to use in the beginning of your skin care routine after washing your face.It's a medicated brightening* serum with 95% of its components being naturally-derived. The serum includes arbutin extracted from lingonberries that has been confirmed as a safe ingredient, as well as having good synergy with natural components.

*To suppress melanin generation and prevent dark spots/freckles.


"It has a silky texture and can be absorbed to the skin immediately. It brightens the skin and prevents dryness, so you kill two birds with one stone."


80mL SPF30/PA+++ ¥7,992 (including tax)

A water-based, non-chemical sunscreen that can be sued for sensitive skin.The formula including honey moisturizes your skin, making it easy to apply sunscreen anytime, anywhere, easily.


"This mist-type sunscreen makes it easy to quickly apply sunscreen on places that it's hard to apply with your hands like your back. It can also be used on your face over your makeup"


⑤〈RMK〉 Body Cream UV 100g 

SPF47 PA+++ ¥3,780 (including tax)

A body cream for daytime that protects your skin from UV rays while filling it with moisture. The melting-like formula helps the skin to absorb it and gets fixed comfortably.


"This is a body cream that helps helps protect your skin thoroughly from the UV rays. Fine glitters are included, so it will make your skin luminous if you apply it on places you want to show, like your arms or legs."

Ms. Kubota shared a message before closing off her beauty lecture:


"UV rays are really strong in July. I recommend applying sunscreen even when you are going out for a short time. A Cosmetic Advisor can recommend "recommend items from Japan" if you ask them, so please feel free to stop by when you visit Ginza Mitsukoshi."

Start your skin regime of protecting luminous, bright skin this summer with Ms. Kubota's recommend brightening*/sun protection items.

*To suppress melanin generation and prevent dark spots/freckles.

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