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Ginza Yukata Garden 2018


- Slip into It, Tie It, and Fasten It - an Easy-To-Wear Yukata for Everyone

Tokyo is in the midst of the "tsuyu" season, when gentle rainfalls continue for more than a month.The hot, summer season is approaching Japan.


While summer in Japan is known to be humid and hot, Japan also has cultivated ancient wisdom to get through it while staying cool.

"Yukata," the traditional cotton kimono is one of them.

Yukata are quite different from kimono. While kimono that is often made from silk is worn for formal occasions, yukata was originally made to wear indoors after bathing.

But in recent years, yukata has made a reappearance with modern, stylish designs and fabrics, sparking a trend for people to wear it outside during summer festivals.


"Easy-to-wear yukata" is our top recommendations this summer, as it allows anyone to wear it without ease.

The comfort of wearing a long-sleeved cotton yukata is soothing during the hot summer season.


Pattern name: Kani Yukata (Easy-to-wear yukata) Fabric: 100% cotton Price: Starting from \10,584

You can wear it without all the hustle like the traditional kimono.It is also great to wear it at home as a loungewear or as a gown, allowing you to use it for a long time even after you leave Japan.



We have a wide variety of patterns and sizes for both women and men.

It's highly popular among foreign tourists, since you won't feel tight around the waist and is easy to wear. Slip it on, and you'll transform into the traditional Japanese summer look!


Tsukuri Obi (already-made sash) Fabric: 100% polyester Price: Starting from \12,744


"Obi," a long sash tied around the waist is an essential piece when wearing a yukata or a kimono. You usually need three to five sashes, and wrap the obi around the waist several times, making it one of the hardest steps to wear a yukata.

With this already-made obi, the ribbon is already made for you. All you need to do is to wrap it around your waist it, tie it, twist it, and insert it. It's an easy process anyone can practice.

At Ginza Mitsukoshi, we are currently holding "Ginza Yukata Garden 2018."We have, of course, easy-to-wear yukata, and other accessories, including hair accessories and footwear.


Basket Bag and Geta (footwear) Basket bag: Starting from \9,504 Geta: Starting from \10,584

Basket bags are popular to fashion statements that pairs great with your summer look. You can pair it with yukata, and your usual summer fashion.

"Geta" is a traditional footwear using a wooden base that is worn with yukata. It's light and easy to wear. It's also comfortable to wear during the muggy season, as it lets the air go through unlike normal shoes.


Hair accessories: Starting from \3,240

The two hair accessories at the bottom: <Sandaime Bankinya> Kanzashi (traditional hairpin) Tsukishita Bijin (Under the moon beauty) "Ryukin": \12,960

Wearing your hair up when wearing yukata is popular in Japan, as it creates a refreshing look.

Try using traditional hairpins called kanzashi that includes cute glass beads and gold fish patterns to feel the refreshing and cool styles of Japan' summer.


You can also try wearing yukata with your entire family to make a special memory in Japan.

We also have yukata for children at "Ginza Yukata Garden 2018."

We have a wide range of sizes and patterns, from traditional Japanese patterns to pop, western-style patterns.


Children Jinbei: Starting from \5,184

Jinbei are even easier to wear than yukata.It's shorter than yukata and the bottom is made like pants. It's easy to move around, making it an ideal choice for your active child!


Our staff can also suggest adorable styles for your child who wants to try a children's yukata.

Children yukata: Starting from \12,744

Children's hekoobi (wide obi): Starting from \8,424

Children's yukata bag: Starting from \5,184

Children's geta: Starting from \5,184

We also have lots of authentic, traditional yukata.

Choose a beautiful colored obi and accessories and be creative with the colors and patterns, and you can create a fashion statement worthy to go out for a special occasion.


<Genji Monogatari> Shitate Agari Fujin Yukata \38,880 (70% cotton, 30% hemp)

<Genji Monogatari> Hanen Obi \10,800 (100%polyester)

<Kogin> Bag \15,984

Slip on a yukata, and you can feel the summer of Japan.Try incorporating traditional Japanese clothing, yukata, into your daily fashion this summer.

[Ginza Yukata Garden 2018]

■Event Period: Until August 21st(Tue)

■Event Hall: Ginza Mitsukoshi 9thFloor Ginza Terrace

*Please note that the products introduced above may not be able available depending on the stock condition.

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