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- A Fashion-Lover Stylist Who Pursues "Looks That Suits the Customer" -


Vol. 2 Ginza Mitsukoshi 3rd Floor <NEWYORK RUNWAY> Stylist Ms. Gyoutan Ko


<NEWYORK RUNWAY> on the 3rd Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi is a select store that offers high-quality and trendy clothes that are perfect for women in Ginza, one of the most high-class shopping districts in Japan.


Ms. Ko is a stylist who is from Zhejiang Province in China. We asked her about her life in Japan and working at the famous, historical department store, "Ginza Mitsukoshi."

It has only been a year since Ms. Ko joined Ginza Mitsukoshi. Looking back, she shared that she was confused how to offer customer service in Japanese and communicate with her colleagues in the beginning.


"I've always loved fashion. After studying design at a vocational school in Japan, I join Ginza Mitsukoshi in April, 2017, because I wanted to do something with fashion."


"When I first joined Ginza Mitsukoshi, I didn't know different cultural concepts, like the idea of "senpai" and "kohai" (A senpai is someone who has been doing something longer than the kohai, someone who started something later), and how to use keigo (polite language) that is unique to the Japanese language. I gradually learned the customer service culture by having my senpais teaching me different things."

As Ms. Ko started to gain more experience as a stylisht, she started to receive more compliments from Japanese customers.


"When I served Japanese customers before, I didn't know how to explain the specialness of the items, which made me nervous. But I tried to suggest as many different styles and items that will look great with the items the customers were interested in. I was really happy when I received an e-mail that said, "She was so kind and helpful.""



<NEWYORK RUNWAY> has one of the best selections of denim items in Ginza. Ms. Ko started to change as she worked at the select store that offers items imported from all over the world.

"We have customers of all ages. This helped me grow so I can pick clothes that will suit the customer, and not being bound by only the styles that I love. I also wasn't really interested in denim before, but now, I can differentiate the slightest differences about the shapes that each denim has."


Ms. Ko and a pair of jeans from her favorite Japanese denim brand, <RED CARD>. She has become a denim covert, to the point she wears denim every day.


Ms. Ko also treasures her relationship with her family in China, and makes video calls every week. She also welcomed a new addition to her family this spring.

"I married my husband this April. This marriage is one of the reason I want to keep living in Japan."


"My future goal is to improve my Japanese. My love for fashion made me join this department store, but from now on, I want to be able to suggest styles that are personal that considers what the customers like, and the colors that look good on them."


Ms. Maruyama, a senpai stylist who has been teaching Ms. Ko since she joined also has high hopes for her future.

"I want her to be a cool stylist that can lead <NEWYORK RUNWAY> in the future."


"I want to pursue the one and only style that suits the customer" - Ms. Ko's eyes were gleaming as she shared her dreams for the future.

You can find her in the best fashion district in Tokyo, Ginza, who keeps pursuing her dream to become a "trustworthy stylist."

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