~Japanese Fashion Trends of Early Summer 2018 by Ginza Mitsukoshi~


Must-Try Styles incorporating Denim & Jeans - The Season's Trendiest Item


<NEWYORK RUNWAY> on Ginza Mitsukoshi 3F is a select shop offering high quality and trendy clothing that is worthy for women in Ginza, one of the most luxurious shopping districts in Japan, to wear.


The denim items are the signature products of <NEWYORK RUNWAY> ever since it was launched. The wide selections of denim items are top-class in Ginza. Denim item fans have been saying that "You can find rare denim items you can't find at other stores," since Ginza Mitsukoshi imports denim items from around the world using its own connection.


"Denim" items are one of the hottest trends this summer around the world and also in Japan. We asked stylists at <NEWYORK RUNWAY> to show us Ginza-inspired styles using denim items and their top-recommendations for jeans.

<NEWYORK RUNWAY> Early Summer Styles ①


・Shirt (pink)
Frank&Eileen ¥30,000 (excluding tax)
・Jeans (white)
Acne Studios ¥32,000 (excluding tax)

A feminine look pairing a comfy silhouette shirt with tight skinny jeans. The styling of a high-quality shirt made with care, with a pair of jeans with a gorgeous silhouette.

This pair of jeans is from <Acne Studios>, a fashion house in Stockholm, Sweden. The delicate stitches create jeans with ultimate comfort and detailed designs.

<NEWYORK RUNWAY> Early Summer Styles ②


・Blouse (white)

Ne Quittez Pas ¥16,000 (excluding tax)

・Jeans (blue)

RED CARD ¥19,000 (excluding tax)

A pretty light blue, boyfriend jeans perfect of summer paired with a girly white blouse. The unique design of the boyfriend denim from <RED CARD> is great because the hem becomes thinner towards the bottom, offering the best of both worlds, comfort and a beautiful silhouette .


The intricate design and stitching of the lace of the cotton blouse from <Ne Quittez Pas> is one of our favorites. The timeless elegance allows you to wear it for a long time regardless of the trend.

<NEWYORK RUNWAY> Stylists' Favorite Jeans


We asked the stylists at <NEWYORK RUNWAY> to introduce us their favorite jeans this season.


Stylist Ms. Maruyama

Ms. Maruyama is a stylish who has been working at Ginza Mitsukoshi for six years. She is known for being great at creating styles that help you "become the person you want to become" by pairing jeans, such as "clean" or "conservative."



RED CARD (blue) ¥19,000 (excluding tax)



The bottoms and belt of the jeans from <RED CARD> add personality to your style.



RED CARD (white) ¥19,000 (excluding tax)

The "Anniversary" design from <RED CARD> is the most popular pair of jeans at <NEWYORK RUNWAY>. The white color is this season's trend. The washed processing and honeycomb of the three-dimensional designs makes it look like authentic, vintage jeans. <RED CARD> is known for makes it one of the most popular Japanese denim makers. The intricate details and quality can be seen in every detail of the jeans you buy from the brand.


Ms. Ko

Ms. Ko is a Chinese staff who joined Ginza Mitsukoshi last year. Customers love her for suggesting styles that looks great on any body type.


・Wide jeans  

YANUK (white) ¥23,000 (excluding tax)


MAURO de BARI ¥18,000 (excluding tax)

The wide jeans from <YANUK> offers a stress-free time wearing it, while still offering a beautiful silhouette.


Ginza Mitsukoshi's <NEWYORK RUNWAY> offers denim items and jeans reflecting the latest trends that are imported from around the world. Come and find your favorite, high-quality denim item that you can treasure for a long time to update your look?

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