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Ice Cream Expo in Ginza Mitsukoshi


An Ice Cream Festival Where You Can Savor More Than 100 Kinds Of Ice Cream From Across Japan

Our most beloved dessert of all times, ice cream. Ice cream has evolved in its own unique way in Japan by incorporating traditional Japanese ingredients. Some of the famous Japanese ice creams include matcha ice cream and black sesame ice cream, which has also been loved in other countries as Japanese style ice creams.


We have news for ice cream lovers around the world! "Ice Cream Expo in Ginza Mitsukoshi," an event that allows you to savor ice cream to your heat's content, will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi.


"Japan Ice Cream Maniac Association," an organization that loves ice cream, will be hosting the expo. More than 100 kinds of ice cream from different regions in Japan using special ingredients of the district and the natural landscapes that have been carefully selected by the association will be sold at the expo.

In this article, I will be introducing four regional ice creams that are sure to satisfy any ice cream lover.


Kikyoya Shingen Soft-Served Ice Cream+/Kikyoya

Kikyoya's Shingen Soft-Served Ice Cream+ is the expo's all-time favorite. It won the gold medal of Aipaku Award 2016 and has fans from around the country. The soft-served ice cream includes mochi called "Shingen mochi." The mochi's name comes from "Takeda Ieyasu," a legendary warlord who ruled over "Kai," the current Yamanashi Prefecture during the warring states period.

The famous local confectionary, "Kikyo Shingen Mochi" including a generous amount of flavorful soy bean powder and rich black sugar sauce pairs perfectly with the soft-served ice cream. The soy bean powder stick soaked with black sugar sauce is served together with the soft-served ice cream.


Dark Matcha / Ultimate Matcha / God Matcha (3 Levels) / Kyoto Rikyuen

The ultimate matcha ice cream that will satisfy any matcha ice cream lover. This authentic matcha ice cream is a limited product only sold at the expo, supervised by "Kyoto Rikyuen," a long-standing tea house with a history of over 400 years in Kyoto. The ice cream is made by calculating the maximum amount of matcha an ice cream contain to make the perfect matcha ice cream.

The extremely dark matcha ice cream that allows you to enjoy the original flavors and fragrance of the matcha are offered in 3 different levels: "Dark Matcha," "Ultimate Matcha," and "God Matcha." Hojicha (roasted tea) ice cream, with a robust flavor is specially offered during this expo.


Kakigori (shave ice) / Yuki Usagi

The highly popular shave ice specialty store in Tokyo, "Yuki Usagi" (translated as 'Snow Rabbit') is offering its signature "kakigori." The shaved ice from "Yuki Usagi" is famous for its fluffy texture, inspired by the new snow that has just fallen which is made by carefully shaving pure ice.

Homemade syrup pairs great with the pure flavors of ice. In addition to the popular menus offered at the Tokyo store, there will be special flavors, such as "The Whole, Luxurious! Raw Melon" made using the half-cut melon as a bowl for serving the shaved ice, and "Black Truffle De Mousse O Chocolat" using truffles and porcini mushrooms from Italy, which prepared 30 bowls a day.


Nagasaki Kasutera Raw Soft-Served Ice Cream / New York Do

Kasutera is a Japanese cake that was born by a cake brought by the Portuguese merchants in the 16th century, which evolved in its unique way in Nagasaki Prefecture. The fluffy, kasutera made using lots of fresh Japanese eggs are paired with a soft-served ice cream, made using an original method from an ice cream mix with a sophisticated flavor. The kasutera made using fresh red eggs from Aino Town in Nagasaki Prefecture, baked with care, and topping it with large sugar called zarame, is sure to move your heart.


"Ice Cream Expo" - An ice cream festival where the best regional ice creams from across Japan gather. Come and savor and experience the Japanese ice cream culture to your heart's content.

〈Event Information〉

Event Place: Ginza Mitsukoshi 7th Floor Event Venue / 9th Floor Ginza Terrace

Event Date: April 25th (Wed), 2018 - May 7th (Mon), 2018

*The last day will end at 16:00.

Event Time: 10:30 - 20:00 (The last day will end at 16:00)

*We also sell "cooler bag+dry ice" for those who wish to bring back ice cream to their lodging facilities or home.

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