Check Out Our Cosmetics Advisors at Mitsukoshi Ginza Love Part 3! Featuring Body Skin Care Products They Can't Live Without


Beauty professionals introducing hot products and ways of treating yourself


The cosmetic advisors at the 1st Basement Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi are stationed to offer advice to our customers.


We asked Ms. Kurebayashi and Ms. Goudo, the two beauty advisors about their favorite body skin care and hair care products and routines.


We first asked Ms. Kurebayashi to share her tips.She is an advocate of using products that moisturizes skin and relieving the sourness of the feet and legs, and products that have a brightening* effect.


<WELEDA> White Birch Body Oil
100mL ¥4,104 (including tax)

WELEDA's cellulite body oil contains white birch leaf extract and was specifically designed for massaging the hip, thighs, and upper arms. The invigorating properties of the white birch oil will help skin It helps skin become smoother with added elasticity.

"I always use it after I take a bath while my skin is still wet. It moisturizes the skin, and I really love the amazing fragrance. It's really relaxing."

*Suppresses melanin generation and prevents dark spots and freckles.

Ms. Kurebayashi also shared with us how she massages her legs using WELEDA's cellulite body oil.

【How to Massage Your Legs Using Cellulite Body Oil】


① Pour the oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub both palms together.


② Massage your legs, starting from your ankle to the area around your thigh. Make sure to massage starting from the bottom, and going upwards.

③ Press your pressure points, as though you are squeezing your ankle.

④ Repeat Step ②.


⑤ Close your hands and press the area behind your knees, using the joints of your fingers.


<ALBION> JOUIR White Firming Serum

200g ¥4,320 (including tax)

Brightening* body serum that helps the body become sharper and brighter. The carefully chosen beauty components will help the skin become firmer, and the tranexamic acid suppresses melanin generation.

Ms. Kurebayashi uses this body brightening* serum after massaging her body using WELEDA's White Birth Oil to make her skin even more supple and bright.

"I love brightening* products. This serum brightens and tightens your skin at the time."

*Suppresses melanin generation and prevents dark spots and freckles.


<Of cosmetics> Treatment Spa of Hair S2

210g ¥4,644 (including tax)

A special, deep-conditioning treatment mask that treats seriously damaged hair who went through bleaching, perming, coloring. The supplementary ingredients treats damaged hair and helps hair become softer and shinier. The made-in-Japan item is from the "Of cosmetics," a Japanese brand supervised by a legendary hair designer, Mr. Osamu Hurusato.


Although she regularly colors her hair, Ms. Kurebayashi's hair looks shiny. She shared that her hair become much smoother after using this product, even though she doesn't have time to take a long time to treat her hair.

"My hair feels fully moisturized and looks shiny immediately after washing off this hair mask. Your hair will look even shiner by applying a towel around your hair and going in to the bathtub after applying this mask."


Ms. Goudo next shared with us her favorite body and hair care products.


Ms. Goudo uses products and tools that helps her relax and moisturizes, brightens*, and prevents sun burns.

*Suppresses melanin generation and prevents dark spots and freckles.


<uka> Body & Foot Balm (happy work)
30mL ¥4,860 (including tax)

A multi-purpose balm that includes extract from luxurious ingredients. You can apply it on your heels, legs, and shoulders. The peppermint and eucalyptus fragrance promotes deep, relaxing breathing.

Ms. Goudo had been battling the sourness of her legs that came from her work that required her to stand for a long period.

"When my legs feel tired, I apply this balm around my calves and thighs, and behind my feet and fingers. It helps prevents my legs from drying when I apply it before wearing stockings or high heels."


<WELEDA> Lavender Oil

100mL ¥2,808 (including tax)

A relaxing treatment oil with a flowery, serene fragrance of lavender. It helps dispel stress and improves skin hydration and reduces roughness.

"I use it to moisturize my skin after taking a shower. I warm it using the palm of my hand and then gently rub it into my skin. It makes my skin hydrated and soft."


<CLARINS> Bright Plus Brightening Body Veil SPF 20/PA+++

200g ¥7,020 (including tax)

A body lotion that moisturizes skin while protecting it from the sun damage cause by UV rays. It treats the body to soft, comfortable, luminous and smooth skin.

"I also use this as a sunscreen. I can feel that it has helped me prevent dullness and make my skin more luminous as I keep using it."



¥25,704 (including tax)

*The type of the decorative box and the pouch that comes with it that is currently sold differs from the ones shown in the picture.

A beauty roller that can be used for the face and body. The multi-angle roller fits to every shape and area of the face or body.


"This can be used anywhere in the body. I also use it to tighten my face line I use it to every night after applying facial cream. It glides on your skin as though it's pinching it, which is why it is so effective. It will give you a relaxing time of treating yourself."


Ms. Kurebayashi and Ms. Goudo - The two beauty experts who work as beauty advisers offered practical and easy-to-implement tips for treating the body and hair that made me want to also right away.

Try sharing your vision of how you want to become or any troubles you might have, and we guarantee that they will give you a tailor-made advise that will make you beautiful.

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