The Day of an Attendant for Foreigners Our New Video, "the Dream I Found at Ginza Mitsukoshi" Is Now Public!


Behind the Scenes of Our Video

Our new video that was just released was filmed over two days. We kicked off with an interview of Ms. Lin. She'd never experienced being filmed for work, so she was quite nervous surrounded by so many cameras.


The interview took two hours before Mitsukoshi opened. We next filmed the part where Ms. Lin talks about her memories of working at Mitsukoshi. The filming took place at the staff canteen. She gradually became used to the camera and started smiling more.



The filming doesn't always go according to the planned schedule. The schedule that was decided beforehand sometimes needs to flexibly change depending on the situation of the department store. Knowing that the staff canteen becomes increasingly noisy as more people come in, we tried to shoot the part of the staff canteen before it became too crowded.


This time happened to be the commuter rush hour and we tried to find the perfect moment to film it in the busy atmosphere.The scene included Ms. Lin bowing as she greeted, "Good morning," which took about 30 minutes. She again returned to the staff canteen on the 13th floor and filmed a scene of her having lunch with her colleagues. Although the real lunchtime was still far ahead, we had to film it before the canteen became crowded.


Ms. Lin looked more relax and happy even though she was still nervous about the filming. I wonder what kind of conversations she was having with her colleagues in Chinese? The filming finished quickly and the crew also got to eat lunch. The team had a break, including Ms. Lin, even though it was a short one. The crew all looked relieved, knowing that the morning filming was going according to schedule.

The afternoon filming included the meeting that is usually done in the morning. It included a shooting with Ms. Lin's manager who was observing them, looking concerned from the morning shooting. Her colleagues who had lunch with her also gathered again.


The shooting went according to the schedule as we moved floor many times, and the shooting was finally complete! The second day's shooting started from a scene of Ms. Lin arriving to work in the morning.

The filming crew gathered early in the morning at 7:30 A.M. Ms. Lin joined right after the time. We started filming the scene of her going to work on Chuo Dori Avenue. There weren't a lot of people in the early morning in Ginza. The area was filled with the fresh, crisp air.


The second day was quite busy, knowing that we had to wrap things up in the morning. Ms. Lin returned back to Mitsukoshi right after the filming, changed to her uniform, and had a really busy schedule. The crew also moved places and joined at the service counter that serves foreigners. We started shooting the scene of Ms. Lin doing her job as an attendant.


The filming went smoothly, although the schedule was quite tight, using the time before Mitsukoshi opened. We next went to the cosmetics concierge counter where cosmetic advisers serve as attendants, giving customers advice and giving them information. The helpful service allows you to consult an expert in cosmetics about makeup and skincare, without being tied up to a single brand. Ms. Lin shared with us how challenging and yet fulfilling the job of attending customers when they visit the counter is, as there are many questions from them, including product information and the latest trends.


We only now have less than 30 minutes before Mitsukoshi opens. The last scene included Ms. Lin greeting right after Mitsukoshi opens. We were all nervous, as customers will all be entering the building at once. The video photographer was prepared filming Ms. Lin, suing a tripod, stationed right outside the door. Two more video photographers were stationed inside the building, sandwiching Ms. Lin. Another video photographer entered Mitsukoshi together with the customers the moment it opened, filming from the eye level of the customers. It was a moment that summed up the filming that took place over two days.



The video shooting that took two days finally was finished. You can watch the video using the QR code below. You might be able to feel as though you were joining the shooting if you read this article after watching the video. Our professional and committed attendants for foreigners will serve you whenever you visit Mitsukoshi. Please feel free to ask for help whenever you need our service.



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