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Savor Ginza's Best Coffee at the 4th cafe


Enjoy TOARCO TORAJA coffee with your favorite dessert

Ginza Mitsukoshi 4th Floor

At the corner of the Fashion Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi 4th Floor, you will find a special coffee shop serving the highly coveted TOARCO TORAJA coffee called "the 4th cafe." TOARCO TORAJA is a coffee bean harvested in the Toraja region of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It is known as a rare coffee bean, as only 36 cups worth of coffee beans can be harvested from a single tree.


The coffee has a pleasant acidity and a rich, fruity flavor. People who usually who don't like coffee might find themselves surprised by the pleasant and inviting flavors it offers. You can enjoy the aromatic full-body flavor when served hot. When served cold, you can enjoy the refreshing flavors and the rich aroma of the coffee.

There are also a lot of desserts served at "the 4th café" that pairs great with the TOARCO TORAJA coffee. There are two kinds of cake sets, a drink set and a TORAJA drink set which you can choose the famous TORAJA coffee for a drink.


Colorful, eye-catching cakes line up in the showcase right near the entrance. gâteau fraises and roulé fruits are the two most popular cakes. The gâteau fraises is a mouth-watering cake that layers a fluffy sponge cake and freshly whipped cream, topped with a juicy strawberry. The roulé fruits is a roll cake that includes two kinds of cream, whipped cream and custard cream. The several kinds of fruits add vibrant colors. Both pair great with the coffee with a rich, full-body flavor.

The lunch time is from 11:00-15:00. Three kinds of lunch menus, a plate lunch, sandwich lunch, and salad lunch are provided. Each set includes soup and a coffee, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing lunch time. The picture below is the plate lunch.


Those who want to eat dessert to your heart's content for lunch should try the French toast. It uses Danish bread exclusively baked just for the French toast served, supervised by the 4th cafe at BOULANGERIE BURDIGALA that has its main store in Hiroo, Shibuya.


Our top recommendation this season is the chocolate and berry French toast served only this Christmas season (12/1 - 12/25). It includes lots of chocolate and beautiful red berries. The French toast that is served with two kinds of ice cream melts in your mouth.


The "4th café" is a gem that offers a quiet and relaxing environment although it is at a department store. It is a special place where you can savor the legendary coffee, TOARCO TORAJA coffee while having a break from your shopping.

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