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Welcome the New Year with products of "dogs" - The eto character of 2018

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As the Christmas lights sparkle around the town of Ginza, Japanese people start to prepare for "nenmatsu," the end of the year. Although Christmas is the biggest event during winter in the West, nothing is more special to Japanese people than "oshogatsu," which means "New Years." The fact that it kicks off the New Year and signifies new beginnings makes it the most important event in the year. The custom of celebrating that the old year passed peacefully and welcoming the New Year is an invaluable tradition that has continued for centuries. "Eto" plays an important role in welcoming the New Year.


"Eto" is a system that was created in ancient China that signifies the years, days, and directions. It consists of "jikkan" that was a way to count a sun of ten days, and the "junishi" that signifies the order of the twelve months. In Japan, "eto" tends to signify the "junishi," which includes the 12 animals of "mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar." The "eto" is also celebrated in China and South Korea. However, the "year of the boar" is celebrated as the" year of the pig" in the two countries.


It can be said that the symbol of the year is the "eto." The "eto" of next year, 2018, is the "dog." The kanji, which is the Chinese character used in Japan, of the "year of the dog" is written as "戌." In modern days, the kanji for "dog" has changed to a simplified character, "犬." The "dog" has been a faithful companion of human beings since ancient times and has been loved as a faithful and lovable animal. In Japan, an item of the "eto" is considered to bring good luck to the house which is why people like to put out a product of the "eto" of the year.


You can purchase "eto" products at the Living Floor on Ginza Mitsukoshi's 7th Floor that is perfect to welcome the New Year. The "dog" is believed to bring good luck for an easy delivery for people who are pregnant, as dogs tend to have an easy delivery. Why not welcome the New Year with our carefully chosen "eto" ornaments that will bring you good fortune.


At Ginza Mitsukoshi 7th Floor Living Floor, you will find exquisite items crafted using the skills of artisans that is worth passing it on to the next generation. Let me introduce ornaments and crafts of "dogs" that is perfect for welcoming the New Year.

① Shunya Suzuki "Shibainu" ¥54,000 (including tax)


② Soutarou Saegusa Eto Ornament "Hizokko" ¥1,620 (including tax)


③ Oshogatsu no Komori Inu (A dog babysitting for the New Year) (Includes a round mochi) Made by Ryou Makita ¥10,800 (including tax)


Other than ornaments, there are also lots of products incorporating the "dog" design that can be used every day.

④ 4.0 Midori Ju "Kuro Komainu" (Green Stack Box Guardian Dog) Made by Yoshinori Musashigawa ¥6,480 (including tax)


⑤ Edo Kiriko (Cut glass using techniques developed in the Edo Period) Pair of Cold Sake Cup, Dog ¥12,960 (including tax)



⑥ Isuke Shouten Urushi Mamesara (Lacquer Mamesara (mini-sized plates used to put condiments and pickles)) ¥2,700 (including tax)


⑦ Eto "Inu" Hashioki (Shirogai, Suiguuzuno)(Eto "Dog" Chopstick Rest (White Shell, Water Buffalo Horn) ¥1,080 (including tax)

Eto "Inu" Hashioki (Pinku Sheru, Suiguuzuno) (Eto "Dog" Chopstick Rest (Pink shell, Water Buffalo Horn) ¥1,188 (including tax)



⑧ Akoya Pearl Pin Brooch (Limited to Three Pieces) ¥14,040 (including tax)


Try finding your favorite eto product and start collecting one piece at a time starting from this year, or you can give it to someone special as a gift that brings the good luck of the "dog." We invite you to welcome the New Year with a special eto product that and spread the harmony of sharing Japan's "eto" tradition.

*All of the products introduced here are limited in numbers.

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