Great Styles for Fall/Winter 2017 from "TOKYO Mode" to Enjoy the Latest Trends in Tokyo


"TOKYO Mode" at Ginza Mitsukoshi 3rd Floor's Women's Clothing section is showcasing the latest styles of Tokyo's fall/winter 2017 fashion. Let me introduce our recommended styles that allows you to enjoy the latest fashion with a touch of "Tokyo."


"TOKYO Mode" is a section at Ginza Mitsukoshi where you can find brands from Tokyo and around the world using the fashion taste of "Tokyo." "TOKYO Mode" is comprised of two shops, "Le PLAYCE" that provides the latest fashion that is "born in Tokyo, and from Tokyo" and "NEW YORK RUNWAY" that offers clothes that has a touch of the latest styles unique to Tokyo. The floor includes two select stores and shops from popular brands and is sure to attract fashion-lovers.


・Leather jacket ¥102,600 (including tax) / REKISAMI

・Skirt ¥41,040 (including tax) / COOHEM

This wine colored leather jacket instantly makes your wardrobe look like fall. The pleated jacket makes this beautiful piece stand out while adding a feminine touch. The slim tweed skirt from "COOHEM" that is highly popular overseas pairs great with the leather jacket and upgrades the styling to a lady-like wardrobe perfect for an outing in Tokyo.


・Velvet bag ¥23,760 (including tax) / LUDLOW

If you want to create a style that speaks 'fall," try incorporating a velvet bag to your styling. The luxurious fabric will create an elegant atmosphere.


・High cut sneakers ¥15,984 (including tax) / Champion

A super-easy way to try out the trendy sports mix style is to pair sneakers with a feminine style. The high cut sneakers from "Champion" are great for this as it is famous for its high-quality and luxe feeling it gives. The high cut sneaker line is only available in Japan and is a must-buy if you are into trendy footwear.


・Sweatshirt ¥29,160 (including tax) / Chiara Ferragni

・Skirt ¥31,320 (including tax) / TSURU by Mariko Oikawa

The next items I would like to introduce are from "Chiara Ferragni" which is known for its pop and cute designs and colors. "Chiara Ferragni" is a brand produced by the famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni herself. Her popularity can be seen not only from her Instagram but also from various magazines that keep offering her to appear. This sweatshirt with the catchy eye design printed, which happens to be the brand's signature-design, turns an ordinary sweatshirt into a playful and cute attire. Pair it with an elegant maxi skirt, and you have a Tokyo-style 'kawaii' fashion using the popular colors of gray and red.


・Shoes ¥39,960 (including tax) / Chiara Ferragni


・iPhone 7 case ¥6,156 (including tax) / Chiara Ferragni

"Chiara Ferragni "is known for its iconic eye printing and gorgeous glittered item. The unique design makes even the accessories iconic and is highly popular among shoppers, including the iPhone case. The accessories from the brand make a perfect addition to your fashion items to make a bold 'kawaii' statement.

■Chiara Ferragni POP UP SHOP

10/18 (Wed) - 10/24 (Tue)



Fashion for fall and winter is never complete without a perfect coat, which is why we must next look at "Aquascutum." The long-established British brand is known for producing first-class coats. The popularity of the brand in Japan can be seen from how people say, "If you need a trench coat, go to Aquascutum." "Aquascutum White Label" on Ginza Mitsukoshi's 3rd Floor, is a contemporary fashion line that incorporates modern design details into the original "Aquascutum" brand's design. One thing to note is that you want to make sure to try it on before purchasing it as the sizes are tailored to standard Japanese clothing sizes.


・Trench coat ¥140,400 (including tax) / Aquascutum White Label


・Fur charm ¥5,292 (including tax) / Aquascutum White Label

The trench coat that is perfect for the cool fall climate is a staple item worth purchasing and will pair great with any attire. We recommend wearing a vivid orange skirt beneath the coat to enjoy a new kind of color-pairing that can be seen as you walk. To finish off your trendy look, add a touch of 'Japanese pop' by pairing it with a fur charm.



・STAN SMITH ¥15,120 (including tax) / adidas


・W AIR ZOOM MARIAH FK RACER ¥15,120 (including tax) / NIKE

Sports mix style that pairs sporty items like sneakers with lady-like attire continues to be popular this season. At "atmos" on Ginza Mitsukoshi's 3rd Floor, you will find a wide variety of sneakers from popular sports brand, including "NIKE," "adidas," and "New Balance."

"TOKYO Mode" - fashion styling for fashion-lovers that allows you to enjoy a touch of Tokyo fashion. You can experience this by pairing high-quality staple items with trendy accessories such as sneakers and velvet material items. Come visit Ginza Mitsukoshi and we will guide you to the world of "TOKYO Mode."

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