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Carefully examining suitcases at the store to find the perfect traveling partner


Take enough time to find a reliable traveling partner

Ginza Mitsukoshi 5F Traveling Goods

Nothing is more reliable while traveling than a sturdy suitcase.Its quite common for people to end up buying a new suitcase at their travel destination, after realizing they have so much luggage. Ginza Mitsukoshi provides a rich selection of suitcases with various sizes and functionality from top-class brands.


"ACE" is a leading suitcase maker of made in Japan suitcases. ACE Co., Ltd. was founded as "Shinkawaryu Company" in 1940. The corporate name was changed to "ACE Co.,Ltd." in 1963. It has been continuing its development upholding craft making reflecting Japanese aesthetics and spirit.


The "Made in Japan" sticker on each product is inspired by Mt. Fuji.


ACE's suitcases are committed to functionality and careful attention to details can be seen in various parts. Today, I will be introducing "EQUINOX LIGHT ORE" and "MAXPASS H2s" from the PROTECA Series.

"EQUINOX LIGHT ORE" is has been gaining attention for its lightweight, solid strength, and smooth rolling. Heavy suitcases are always a tiresome burden when getting on a flight. Hybrid polycarbonate resin is used to realize lightweight for "EQUINOX LIGHT ORE."


The well-thought-out interior gently protects the stored items inside and has central divides on both sides. The functional utility is enhanced by features including an original 3D hanger.



The original "Silent Caster" realizes smooth and stable rolling and quiet rolling noise.You can experience the quality of the product by trying to use the suitcase at Mitsukoshi.


There are five colors and three sizes, 68 liters, 81 liters and 96 liters. We invite you to experience the lightweight convenience and the beautiful functionality of the interior by trying it out at the store.


Foreign customers tend also to purchase a suitcase cover when shopping for a suitcase.Mitsukoshi has suitcase covers for different suitcase sizes.


Carry-on suitcases are a must during domestic travel. "MAXPASS H2s" from the PROTECA Series will be your reliable companion. It holds a full 40 liters of luggage, making traveling with a compact suitcase less stressful. In addition to the main storage compartment, it is equipped with a convenient "front-opening packet" at the front of the suitcase. It allows you to safely and stylishly organize things like laptops and documents. It offers easy accessibility to your luggage while on the moving.


ACE Co., Ltd. Has customer service centers in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China, and offers reliable support in the Asian region.


The next brand I will be introducing is "Samsonite" that boasts global market shares. Samsonite was founded in Colorado in the United States in 1910. It has a proud and long history and the products created using the technology developed for over 100 years have many fans around the world.


The "COSMOLITE COLLECTION" one of its popular products. It is the strongest and lightest cases ever from Samsonite.


The grip handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The suitcase is equipped with various ingenuities to realize maximum lightweight. The innovative "Curv" proprietary technology is used for the suitcase material. Polypropylene sheets are stacked in multiple layers, realizing excellent resistance even at extremely low temperatures.



The spacious interior allows you to organize your luggage, helping solve the stress of increasing souvenirs while traveling.


The wheel rotates 360 degrees, offering a stylish and yet stable rolling. Highly fashionable and functional, the suitcase will make a great companion for seasoned travelers.


The Samsonite products purchased in Japan qualify for customer service at official retailers around the world.When you need help with packing during traveling, please come and stop by Ginza Mitsukoshi's luggage sales floor.


Knowledgeable staff who will help solve your problems about accessories and packing methods will be awaiting you. You will be able to continue comfortable traveling by trying out products and consulting staff to your heart's content.


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